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  1. I really don't think the Mavericks will be able to clear enough space for both Dwight and Deron. One, definitely. Both would be tough. Even if they amnesty Haywood, I doubt that they'll be able to move Marion to clear the space.
  2. Nash for whoever isn't named Dwight Howard or Ryan Anderson. And then Stephen Jackson for Turk. Nash would make this team look so much better.
  3. And it would give us a player that can take over the game by himself. Just ask the Thunder. If the Warriors continue to suck, I really think we could try to make a move at the deadline to get him.
  4. Unfortunately, until this situation resolves itself, we can't. It'll continue to hang over us.
  5. E27

    The Trade Target Thread

    Meanwhile, BleacherReport (lol) is saying that we're asking about Chris Kaman. It's BleacherReport, I know. Not credible at all. But good lord that expiring is pretty.
  6. E27

    The Trade Target Thread

    Logic? Never trade a big for a small? Centers are highly valued? Monta's extremely under-sized and will demand the ball from Rose? Like Gilbert Arenas said, pick one.
  7. Like Houston for Martin and Scola. Try a similar deal to what New Orleans wanted for Paul. Getting Bynum, Martin, and Scola would be a great haul for Dwight.
  8. I think we'd be just as good if we made this trade, which, for the record, is the one I would want the most out of all the trade scenarios that have been brought up. We can get Bynum and Gasol and use our MLE on a player like Wilson Chandler when he's eligible to come back. That would put us at Nelson/J-Rich/Chandler/Gasol/Bynum. That's a very good and very deep starting 5. Bynum has injury concerns, I know, but he has a team option for next year, so if he doesn't work, he just goes in free agency and we slide Gasol down to the 5 for the next couple of years until his contract is up and then we start over. A scenario that also intrigues me is the New York scenario. I doubt this has any legs, but hey. We're talking in hypothetical, so why not? I know Amar'e is a bit injury prone, but he can use his speed and get past many of the centers in the league if we choose to play him there alongside Anderson. Then, of course, is the idea of letting him walk. I don't think ownership will let this fly for two reasons. 1.) DeVos isn't getting any younger. He wants to see SOMETHING before he dies, I'm sure. I don't necessarily agree with us going after vets for Dwight, but it wouldn't surprise me. 2.) Like it or not, we have that cloud of Shaq hanging over us. I'm sure there would be some ugly media backlash of us "making the same mistake twice" or something. Then he could even opt into the last year of his deal like Chris Paul did when he got traded to the Clippers. He would give it one more year to see if the roster is to his liking. I wouldn't like him holding the franchise hostage, but it would show he's at least open to possibly staying. I see Dwight being traded before the deadline, but I think it will be a last resort. I fully believe management will try to make trades to better the team before they explore trades for Dwight.
  9. I don't think so. At least not that I know of. And thanks. Admission's high because they're letting everyone in, which means there's not enough dorm space for everyone. Which is...awesome. I was really impressed with both of those wins. I thought we'd drop the Cotton Bowl since Kansas State is such a good running team. Oh by the way, thanks for the info. I followed you on Twitter as well. My username's zac_cleary.
  10. Yeah. I wasn't saying that that was THE problem and now everything's happy go lucky. It was just a problem. I still think he may be leaving. It just seems like he's trying to find reasons to rationalize it.
  11. Anyway, if the problem is Stan, and Stan met with Dwight and is now more positive, that shouldn't be a problem anymore.
  12. I've been there once for a foreign language convention at UCA. I'm from Siloam Springs (don't know if you know where that is) and I go to the U of A if the avatar didn't give it away. haha
  13. Conway? Nice. I've got friends from there.
  14. E27

    Von Wafer

    He got a lot of burn in Houston when McGrady went down in 09. I think he even started for a stretch. He's just never been able to stick.
  15. It's not that we want Nate. It's just that we don't want Duhon.