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  1. Marc Acres 3:16

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    It’s been a while but after tonight I felt compelled to come here and vent. I’m tired. I’m tired of the team trying to blow sunshine up our rear ends about how we are moving forward toward the future. We are in no mans land. We have the basketball equivalent of the land of misfit toys. Guards that can’t shoot, forwards that break all the time, a center doesn’t seem to give 2 ***** about trying. Getting absolutely screwed tonight isn’t the problem. The short sighted guy wearing gallons of hair gel set us back years going win now at the dumbest time in the dumbest way. Winning meaningless games year after year to end up one pick away from the impact players has killed us. I can’t take anymore pie in the sky from the mouth pieces for this team. They keep telling us that winning matters and some how the collection of role players we have will magically transform by tasting the playoffs, we are going no where because we pick poorly and we develop poorly. This sucks.
  2. Marc Acres 3:16

    2017 Official Offseason Thread

    Like Ibaka should have been, except not slow and without the AARP membership.
  3. Marc Acres 3:16

    2017 Official Offseason Thread

    Sounds like Larry was over ruled by ownership.
  4. Marc Acres 3:16

    2017 Official Offseason Thread

    We need to sit out free agency the next 2 years and hire a ******* shooting coach that is actually capable of teaching people to shoot.
  5. Marc Acres 3:16

    2017 Official Offseason Thread

    Our ownership is completely responsible for the state we are in. The last 2 years of Rob's tenure look nothing like the first few. Instead of a 6 year rebuild it will be 10 or more.
  6. Marc Acres 3:16

    2017 Official Offseason Thread

    So going win now last year was a great idea.
  7. Marc Acres 3:16

    2017 Official Offseason Thread

    This is hilarious. The price for Paul George last year and this year are 2 very different things.
  8. Marc Acres 3:16

    2017 NBA Draft Thread

    Question related to Mario. Why hasn't his handle improved? He doesn't need one coach to work on that, he doesn't need someone to work with him, it is one thing that is 100% within his control. This is the type of thing that really pisses me off. Shooting percentages aside we should see a deficiency like this improve from year to year a especially from a guard that has the athletic ability to attack and finish. If he doesn't come back with at least that I'm done with him.
  9. Marc Acres 3:16

    2017 NBA Draft Thread

    I think the league changed the object of the game. The goal now is to run around the court fast and never put the ball in the hoop.
  10. Marc Acres 3:16

    The real question: Does Martins need to go too?

    Just thinking about this, who has come from the San Antonio/OKC front office tree and failed?. I honestly can't think of any outside of the people we have hired. Are we just unlucky or is there a larger issue?
  11. Marc Acres 3:16

    The real question: Does Martins need to go too?

    I think we have been successful in that we haven't handcuffed ourselves other than that we have been mediocre. We have had bad luck with draft position, I know people love to crucify teams for missing on guys but the draft is a gamble. I think what screws us is that the rules have been changed to the point where big name player movement is tough, especially if you are clearing a ton of cap space. Skiles was the beginning of the mistakes in my mind. He was a win now coach, not a guy to develop players, not a guy for the long term. Very short sighted and seemed very much to be a typical DeVos, Martin's hire. Hopefully our next gm doesn't end up being Doc.
  12. Marc Acres 3:16

    The real question: Does Martins need to go too?

    Live or Die and I were talking about this the other day. Whiteboard gate almost looked like something from higher than Rob. Like we were trying to add people that seem like good names vs good fits for the team. Why go after Saric? Resign Green? Bring back Tobias? Why did Rob move from the youth movement to playoffs now? It doesn't fit with a guy that came from a build slow and sustainable type program(s). It does fit with a short sighted group that has no real idea of how to build a team over time. Every time we recycle an ex player or coach in some new role it just looks like a group that is hiring based on past relationships vs the best basketball decesion.
  13. Marc Acres 3:16

    Who from the "good ole days" is still here?

    I am still here, just don't have much free time to post now. I was going to start an entire thread dedicated to quotes from a hack blogger so I could share negative comments about the team with no real substance to back them up. ..then I thought that would just be silly.
  14. Marc Acres 3:16


    I'm always here, just don't know what to say about a team full of high energy defensive guys that are coached out of playing smart d.
  15. Marc Acres 3:16

    Official 2014-2015 Strapped-In Season Thread

    I would say that you are coming off a tad bit dick now.