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  1. Game 6 Orlando @ Atlanta

    AMP IT UP !!!!! Our guys need to feel our energy in Atlanta BELIEVE as hard as you can and harder
  2. Game 5 Orlando vs. Hawks Tuesday Night 7:30

    JUST BELIEVE FANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Game 5 Orlando vs. Hawks Tuesday Night 7:30

    I'm right here watching the wheels go round and round... you all know what i'm going to say and to all the MAGIC NATION if there was any time we all have to support our guys... THE TIME IS NOW !!!!!! BELIEVE LIKE YOU NEVER HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUR TEAM NEEDS OUR SUPPORT!!!!!!! BELIEVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. J. Collins effectiveness vs. other Hawk 5's

    JUST BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Gamethread: Hawks @ Magic - Game 2

    nobody should think we lose ... like dwight said and many others we just need to BELIEVE !!!!!!!!!!
  6. It's time to start really Believing

    Not mine Kitty ... Meow ... I'm the originator of the BELIEVE ... And our team needs our MAGIC NATION to BELIEVE
  7. It's time to start really Believing

    a- 1 looks like my algebra classes...LOL
  8. It's time to start really Believing

    The time is now... If he don't dump him... But I BELIEVE he will and SVG will make him... So just BELIEVE if not for him but the rest of the TEAM.
  9. The time is here and the time is now ... Just BELIEVE!!! And the rest will happen.... Always here and always will be... With our MAGIC NATION.
  10. celtics @ Magic

    alot going on But I will always be here as a phantom... you know I will never go away. Peace be with you.
  11. celtics @ Magic

    Merry Christmas to you bro
  12. celtics @ Magic

    what do I have to do come back and teach you guys to BELIEVE again
  13. celtics @ Magic

    It's the time of the season to BELIEVE !!! Happy holidays to all MAGIC FANS... BELIEVE IN OUR MAGIC !!!
  14. Never went away just being the phantom i said i would be. thanks i will always be here lurking until i can't
  15. ch... ch... ch... changes always happens as they are needed. i hope and BELIEVE these changes will spark our team. Just BELIEVE!!!!!!