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  1. Do da john wall

    Official Draft Thread 3.0

    1. Noel (bit biased since im a Kentucky fan and we were a different team with him) 2. Mclemore 3. Olidipo 4. Cj 5. Burke
  2. Do da john wall

    Orlando(2-0) @ Chicago(2-1)

    I honestly can't wait to get harington and hedo back so we hopefully don't see mcroberts at the three and I also can't wait to get Nelson back we need him as a leader in the clutch bc obviously that's to much for glen coming from his biggest fan
  3. Do da john wall

    In for the long haul

    Let me start by saying I haven't posted in a while I kept reading tho I've been a fan of the magic for 6 years now and of peen state for 8 years and something I just realized after seeing Penn state lose is tough years are ahead after all the excitement from the offseason we now come down to earth and play games and realize waiting ain't easy the rookies we have aren't gonna be superstars overnight and rob isnt gonna trade for durant any time soon......guess I wanted to come back to these forums with fellow magic fans to endure these tough time with true fans cause tbh the one good thing about seeing penn state now is the players and fans play hard and wanna be here (sorry mods for making a thread for this bt even tho I'm unknown on these boards wanna say I'm back)
  4. Do da john wall

    Any fantasy leagues still open?

    I want in
  5. Do da john wall

    Explain your Avatar Pic

    It goes wit my username
  6. Do da john wall

    twitter anyone?

    I got one http://twitter.com/Do_Da_John_Wall
  7. Do da john wall

    Magic looking for 3rd PG[link] [Update pg2]

    didnt someone mention acie law
  8. Do da john wall

    3rd string pg options pg 7

    Their is a high chance we resign j-will since carlos arroyo is probably going to resign with miami if we dont resign j-will I see us signing chris
  9. Do da john wall

    Nets blogger looking for rebounding

    the only way this would have been a good trade is if we didnt match redick and most everybody would have wanted williams but like it or not our offseason is basically done all thats left is signing a 3rd string and deciding if stanely robinson makes the team
  10. Do da john wall

    3rd string pg options pg 7

    http://blogs.orlandosentinel.c...oint-guard-spot.html "So, what will the Orlando Magic do now that they
  11. Do da john wall

    3rd string pg options pg 7

    christomasson "FanHouse's own Tim Povtak reports the Orlando Magic WILL match three-year, $19 million offer sheet on J.J. Redick. Story soon on FanHouse. " http://nba.fanhouse.com/2010/0...ng-offer-from-bulls/
  12. Do da john wall

    magic match redick

    http://www.morningjournal.com/...f61d4cb071931217.txt "Sources say the Magic will match the offer sheet signed by swingman J.J. Redick with the Bulls. The Magic might explore possibly trading forward Mickael Pietrus if Redick returns."
  13. http://ht.ly/1895lf