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  1. bisayaman

    Gamethread: Magic @ Bulls 11/7/26

    screw Sling TV, magic games are blacked out.
  2. bisayaman

    New Orlando Magic jersey - what's your thoughts?

    I like it.
  3. bisayaman

    2016 Off-Season Thread

    Team usa day 3. Ag looks huge, like bg. Dribble is okay, and shooting touch is okay he moves alot
  4. bisayaman

    Shark Tank

    I came here in Florida last year of march, I am working in a hospital for a year now, Its not that bad but I feel like I would enjoy doing business with shipping products to my country to be more specific (sneakers) but I also have in mind to do other products like vitamins or whatever that will sell good. I am reselling sneakers right now for extra income, I buy it from outlets and sell it on ebay and other social media apps. I want to know what products will sell good in my country? For starters who want to resell sneakers, I can help you or we can help each other out. It is easy I know I can explain it well and simple.
  5. bisayaman

    Help me win some money off a friend

    Same betting format here with 2 of my friends, last season I lost to his hornets. This upcoming season he's going for the nets and friend#2 wants nyk/bulls.
  6. bisayaman

    2016 Off-Season Thread

    'Nuggets offer @dwyanewade 2yr 50M'
  7. bisayaman

    2016 Off-Season Thread

    I want to see the magics, come on
  8. bisayaman

    2016 Off-Season Thread