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    Searching for anything Oladipo!
  1. FloridaHoosierGirl


    I'm one of the few with my husband along side! Go Magic!
  2. FloridaHoosierGirl


    I'm glad they are having success at the end of the season. They need to learn how to win and not lose big leads. The difference in the draft spot doesn't matter at this point. We have enough young talent, need some free agent vets to put us on the next level. I've always been a Magic fan, but have only started going since Victor has been on the team. It's a lot more fun as a fan when they play well and win. Looking forward to next year and the off season.
  3. FloridaHoosierGirl


    Have to rant before the game starts! TWICE, two games in a row, once in the nosebleed section and once behind the bench, I had people who didn't speak english, tap me on the back and tell me to sit down during player introductions!!!!! I take direction from Paul Porter, who tells me, "Alright Magic Fans, STAND AND CHEER FOR YOUR ORLANDO MAGIC"!!!!! It's not like I was standing up for 10 friggin minutes or even during the game. Then when you try to explain, you can't. What nerve! I would never do that if I went to a sporting event in their country. I go to see the Magic and support them, not for the event factor. ~end rant~ :angry:/>
  4. FloridaHoosierGirl

    The Official 2015-2016 Regular Season Thread

    Anyone else a season ticket holder having trouble using the APP to upgrade? It has been over a week and they still haven't solved my problem! I'm getting really ANNOYED! :panicworker:/>
  5. FloridaHoosierGirl

    OFFICIAL GAMETHREAD: Magic @ Clippers

    Anyone hear if Victor's knee is okay today? In his interview he said it all. IDK what happened, I went in the locker room and we were up 7. When I came back we were down 1.
  6. FloridaHoosierGirl

    GAMETHREAD: Magic @ Timberwolves

    Not pretty, but a good start!
  7. FloridaHoosierGirl

    GAMETHREAD: Magic @ Timberwolves

    Anxious to see what kind of start we get.
  8. FloridaHoosierGirl

    NY @ Orlando

    At the game last night and it was great to see Victor driving to the basket and getting to the free throw line! This is my 3rd Thanksgiving game and was thrilled to see Vic carve the turkey!
  9. FloridaHoosierGirl

    Gamethread: MIN @ ORL

    Victor shot horrible. Skiles put him in at the end for D.
  10. FloridaHoosierGirl

    Gamethread: MIN @ ORL

    Big win! Nice to win one in OT for a change!
  11. FloridaHoosierGirl

    Gamethread: MIN @ ORL

    Nothing is easy tonight!
  12. FloridaHoosierGirl

    Gamethread: MIN @ ORL

    I agree 100%. Not hitting anything including free throws is not the Victor we know and love.
  13. FloridaHoosierGirl


    I'll be glad when we are back at full strength! Feel better soon, Victor so you can get back at it! :bball:
  14. FloridaHoosierGirl

    Raptors vs Magic 11/6

    I know I"m partial, but you gotta love this guy's personality. He's awesome!
  15. FloridaHoosierGirl

    Raptors vs Magic 11/6

    Can't go tonight so I fully expect a win. Go Magic!