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    I guess my 10,000th post is thanking you for the kind words. Literally didn't know such a milestone was coming up and honestly I'm wondering how much time I've spent on this board to have posted 10k times and feeling very old all of a sudden (the crazy thing is for the 10k posts there's probably another 1k posts I got half way through typing and then thought "nah this is getting too long no one will read this" or "I'm just not getting into this argument again" lol). On the good and bad years, I actually joined this board the summer we traded Dwight. So the good years have been slim pickings haha. I'm looking forward to them now though.
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    BJ just stirring the pot as usual. We all want the Magic to succeed. Idk wtf you are blabbering about Junkie. Criticism of one player and a realistic desire for better is not wishing the team failure because said player is still here. Please quit trying to flame the people here with your nonsense.
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    No doubt about it because they would have just sat on their hands like they always do without making any meaningful changes to upgrade this roster.
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    I think this is grasping for straws to make an excuse. Remember Fultz was also out the last game before the deadline for injury management. If it were maintenance and saving him for other games, Cleveland is the only team in the next 8 we’re playing that has a winning record, why would we sit him against them? Also, why sit him immediately after over a week off? It doesn't make sense
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    I'd just like to congratulate CTMagicUK on now having 9,999 posts. His next post gets him to 10,000, and it's a real milestone to get to 10,000 posts on any board. Appreciate your professionalism, your years of insight and thoughtful dialogue, and your dedication to sticking with this board - and this team - through the good and (many) bad years. Cheers to you and I look forward to up-voting whatever your 10,000th comment is here.
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    Yes. Jett is still getting paid his full salary. The two way guys (Queen, Harris, Schofield) make half a million a season. Exhibit 10 guys (guys who were with us for preseason and then went to the G league, so like Matt McClung etc) get a bonus that can be up to 75k from the Exhibit 10 contract and then their G league salary on top. The standard, I believe flat, G league salary is 40.5k for the 5 month season. Also worth noting a lot of G league guys could go overseas and make more money (the average euro league salary is like 400+k a year but some guys make legitimately more than an NBA minimum salary) but being in the US means they can be signed to 10 day contracts which could help them get full contracts and the real money. Plus there are obviously family/culture reasons to stay in the US. Long story short, no need to feel sorry for them.
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    Yeah, it’s there version of franchise mode or dynasty mode or whatever they’ve called it before in other games like Madden. Start today allows you to take over the season from today’s date with current stats and record. They also have a my nba “eras” which gives you a handful of different basketball generations you can start a dynasty from, like the year before Shaq gets drafted or when Jordan is a rookie, stuff like that. Pretty cool
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    If you believe that help yourself …not me …just notice the guys that hardly post …if we start losing watch who shows up …cause I can name a few …the way the mob was at the deadline guarantee they’ll be angry how management stood idly at the deadline . And if Fultz is hurt and missing significant time I’ll lead the mob …tired of that myself . In the meantime …Paolo and Franz have loads of lottery talent around them …AB gets another chance tonight …I see no reason why we can’t still challenge for top 6 even without Fultz …he was starting to not finish games anyway . Shaq lead us to the playoffs in his second season with a bunch of role playing no names …time for our dynamic duo to do the same