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    Hello my brothers and sisters of TrueBlueNation and fans of the Orlando Magic. I don't want to get off topic, but I'm seeing too many personal attacks on members of this message board. Some of us have followed the Magic since it's beginning *raises my hand*. It's fine to disagree, but to 'out' a participant because their opinion does not align with everyone else' opinion is, in my opinion, taking things too far. Message board members are entitled to their opinions--positive or negative--but does it mean that they should not post an opnion for fear that it appears negative in their accessment of the performance of players, the coach or front office? Is a message board member limited to the number of negative comments they can post? Does it mean they are not a fan if they post a lot of negative comments? I don't agree with some negative comments that are posted, but I have never given a down vote. For me, if there is no diversity as far as what is posted on this message board and everyone is always agreeing with everything--BORING!!! If the back-to-back negative comments are not violating the rules, ease up--Okay?. GO MAGIC!!!!!!!
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    Jamal is a good Fiba baller imo.. let’s see how SGA plays Fiba ball. His game isn’t really great for FIBA style basketball.. There’s not a ton of room in the paint, the floor shrinks..