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    I expect it will probably be fairly quiet in here over the summer, punctuated by a few periods of intense activity, such as the lottery, the draft, any significant personnel moves, and summer league. I want to thank all my fellow posters who stay connected to the team despite the less than optimal circumstances in the past few years. I enjoy our discussions, and greatly appreciate the civil tone even when there are disagreements, as was also mentioned by our moderators.
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    I said this before, but I hope the Magic resign Robin Lopez. He might not be the powerhouse off the bench but he is a good mentor for these young guys. He doesn't come off as a self-centered guy. He gives players a pat on the back, and I have seen him calming individual players down after they left the court during the game. Tonight, I saw him wait on the floor to pat each Magic player on the back as they headed to the locker room at the end of the game. Good stuff! / tears of joy and happiness