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    I think coming off the bench is allowing him to be more aggressive searching his shot and props to him for being efficient with it
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    Jonathan Isaac is taking some major heat for this however he's the bravest player in the league for doing this. Its considered very masculine to go your own way and not blindly follow the status quo. I greatly dislike mentioning human pigments because I'm over it. Human tribalism is one of the major hindrances of the species..just like now. I understand that human color is a major problem in the united states and however is a major problem worldwide. It shows that there's a lack of education and worldview of certain avenues in the country where its predominated by human beings of one single culture and single pigmentation. Mass paranoia is the result. Think about this? If we were all one color, we find something more petty to distinguish ourselves.....just like now. Nose size, eye color, hair profile, facial profile, lip size, height, level of fitness are just examples and theres hundres if not thousands more. Some of them reasonable some irrational. I however am I'm "brown" human being..or black as they called it for more than a millennium. I stay out of this mess because I understand it to well now. I see it as the premise for American History X. Hate is marketable. Don't get fully involved in it as someone is looking to take advantage of your hate and set it ablaze. I'm also self aware to know that sports are sub tribes themselves. I hate the Lakers with all my heart. lmao.