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    It's gotta be pretty difficult to beat a team two times in a row in the same week.
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    You folks are getting ready to learn a lot and if I’m wrong then so be it as I will be leaving this board shortly anyhow, but if I can enlighten a few it was worth the crap I take. I’ve been studying this a long time and take these sound bites and misinformation with a grain of salt as so much of the time they only show part of the conversations and misrepresent the rest. I’ve seen it over and over again. 90% of the news is fake and they will be exposed, so before you folks sling your arrows at least give it a month to see if indeed what I’m saying is true. I’ve already called the Fed restructuring yet no kudos from anyone, funny how that works as only the negative gets any traction on this board which I’m fed up with it.
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    You really believe “that’s” going to happen?
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    I do! I just hope they disclose everything to us as it will blow a lot of people away. To be honest with you most people take their liberty and freedom for granted and if you study history you will find that there are time periods that the people had to fight for their rights and freedoms in the past, this will never change as their will always be a segment of the population that will always be striving for power and control; its their inherent nature. So, we are there right now and the globalists whom have linage ties to Hitler (Merkel) and his ideology are trying to do the same thing. When your life has always been smooth sailing like many of the folks today you have no frame of reference therefore no fear. The good news is that we will win and win big, but we have come very close to losing quite a bit especially if Hillary would have won. I’m not saying Trump is perfect, we’ll have to watch him as well, but he has done good things like made us energy independent, getting countries to contribute 2% of gdp for NATO, stop sending aid to countries that hate us, bringing manufacturing back so we’re not dependent on others and create jobs, I can go on and on. I don't particularly like him, but he’s the best option right now by a long shot.
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    Well he’s human. He’s been a part of that “club” his whole life. That’s why I won’t let my guard down nor will I be blinded by party line or get too comfortable. I do like what he’s done (not what he says but I think what he says sometimes is for a reason) and my rights...He’s got quite the opposition from those who want a world government. I hope he succeeds. So, April 1? Heard about that?
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    Oh yeah, I have heard, and you appear to have found some good sources. Indeed he has been in the Viper den, but whom better then one who knows all the nooks and crannies? They never were able to put him on the Lolita Express plane to Epstein Island with the other pedos. They did have one pic of him with Epstein but not compromising just in the NY circles. I agree; he says things sometimes to throw off the media and others and that has been mentioned as well on the Twitter QAnon hashtag thread.