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    I think this is the best case scenario. We have the ability to take our time and fix Fultz but not be completely reliant on him this season.
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    Trade for Fultz, sign one of the solid PGs next season (Rozier, Dinwiddie, Tyus, etc)
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    From a chemistry perspective, it could be a disaster acquiring Wall. There are 10+ starting point guards that will be free agents this summer. I think I'd rather wait until then or acquire a cheaper option.
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    Is it just me or has Fournier, up to this point this season, regressed? 31 minutes tonight? God awful performance. And it is not his first one this year. He is missing wide open 3's constantly, turning the ball over way too much. Just sad he is our starting 2. Perhaps demoting/benching him should be an option.
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    No J Simms this game I guess