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    Agreed 100%. I think he can be a remix version of Draymond Green, with a lot more hops and more 3pt shooting. We need 1 or 2 creators to help him
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    I can't stand another season of Vuc
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    Make no mistake.... There's going to be player movement in the off season. We have some serious dead wood that we need to lose.
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    I think another year of judging Vogel is in order and honestly justifiable considering our rosters lately
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    This is the worst team I’ve ever watched ...and I’m not talking about ATL
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    I like Jonathan Issac a lot (we are kind of going too be like the sixers for a while real bad & build up our lottery pickets with top picks in a few years in a row) after all those bad years they have a playoff team
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    He would probably be our best center right now and we let him walk.
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    I'll tell you.... As much as I think DJ is a ball hog.... He's the only person on this team besides Frenchie and JSimms who will actually attack the rim.....
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    We seriously need to reload this roster big time. Unless we make a lot of changes we will be a lottery team next year as well. We are real..... bad!
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    Gotta love Frank “Mario you made two threes, come sit down by me”. What a coach!
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    Happy Easter one and all. I hope everyone's had a great day.......................
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    Partly, yes. But one of those PG's was Payton, who we're probably better without. While it was a tough stretch, at the time most felt we should have won at least 3-4 of those 9 games. Had we done that and not had the 9 game losing streak, the whole season might have turned out differently. My only point is that Ross being there, and playing a good number of minutes, didn't stop us from falling apart.
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    But I think it has more to do with Gordon, isaac, Fournier, and Simmons missing games
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    Lets see we won 2 of the last 4 last year which dropped us from a tie with Philly one spot The year prior we won 6 of the last 10 (including a meaningless 3 game win streak) dropping from 5 to 9 The year prior to that we won 3 of the last 7 (including another meaningless 3 game win streak). We are winning over 50% of these meaningless late season games...for what? Does it really inspire the players or fans for the next year after losing 50-60 games and being the worst team in the league? Prior years haven't been as bunched up as this group of tankers either. Another 3 game win streak and we drastically reduce our chances in the lottery and if we don't hit the lottery we probably drop 4 spots from where we are. A higher pick is a better asset period...if we move up one more spot we may get an Embiid or Porzingas and not a project talent like Mario.
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    1. Going from selecting isaac at 5 to selecting isaac at 6 didn't hurt us 2. You're arguing we should have tanked for the 9th pick in the draft? Really? 3. The difference between us and the Knicks was 8 games. The difference between us and the Lakers was 4 games. Winning those 3 games took us from drafting Mario at 5 to drafting Mario at 5. Late season wins have cost us nothing. You just like to ***** about it.