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    stole this from Realgm worth a chuckle I like the humour of WeHam! Trade ‘The Awning’ to the ‘Suns’ He will be useful there. - WeHam
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    I am becoming convinced that the Grizzlies will not be one of the 68 teams to make the NCAA tournament this year!!!! lol!
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    Yes, yes it is. Dam autocorrect. Lol
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    Garnett over Shaq? I love me some Garnett but over the big cactus??
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    1. Jordan 2. LeBron 3. Kareem 4. Magic 5. Bird 6. Russell 7. Chamberlain 8. Duncan 9. Garnett 10. Shaq Durant will probably end up there. Honorable mentions to Malone, Kobe, West, Robinson, Hakeem. I'm kind of biased towards big men who play both sides of the court well. But 1 and 2 are inarguable to me.
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    Jordan played in an era when the east was actually good. His first title came through young ewing, Barkley, and tail end of his prime magic Johnson. The second title came through a really good Knicks team, a mark price Larry nance Cavs team, and a drexler blazers team. Third title came through a Dominique Wilkins, Willis, Blaylock hawks team, the Knicks, the Cavs, and Barkley phoenix team. Fourth was mourning heat, prime ewing, the Shaq penny magic, and the kemp Payton Sonics Fifth title went through the Howard Webber Strickland wizards, the heat, the hawks, and Malone Stockton Thats not nothing