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    See, problem solved. He just needs to shoot backwards!
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    Its like fultz is in a body swapping story and we're really watching fultz's grandma try to play basketball while fultz is off trying to track down the magic amulet while in his grandma's body.
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    Aren’t we just letting Isaac take his rehab slow so he can spend time bulking up and building muscle? That’s kind of what I assumed. I don’t think there’s much use rushing him back right now. I would put Isaac ahead of fultz at this point though. It’s very sad but no one knows if fultz will ever get his shot back. It really sucks for the kid I feel horrible for him
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    Donovan Mitchell Fultz Tatum Smith Markkanen Lonzo Isaac Monk Jackson Kuzma
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    new all star game jerseys are pretty awesome. I like the team logo on the front in white and black
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    I still cant believe that a guy signed for his defense, rebounding, and energy has helped negate some of our problems with defense, rebounding, and energy.