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  1. ML6

    2021 Off-season Discussion Thread

    Yeah they reached serious diminishing returns a while ago. Always a good idea for a small market to accumulate as many assets as possible, but savvy GMs in other front offices will call OKC's bluff here and raise the asking price like you said.
  2. ML6

    2021 Off-season Discussion Thread

    Hammon, Atkinson, Udoka, Cassell. I'll take any of em. Or really anyone but Kidd.
  3. ML6

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    I'll be watching live so I'll just save you the time and break the news ahead of time -- we pick 6th and Chicago jumped to 3rd. Sleep well.
  4. ML6

    2021 Off-season Discussion Thread

    Yes, Shams & Robbins.
  5. ML6

    2021 Off-season Discussion Thread

    Scott Brooks out too now. Coaching vacancies up to 6. Hope the Magic got a head start over these last few days because competition just went up significantly.
  6. ML6

    2021 Off-season Discussion Thread

    He was a bad coach with Milwaukee and a bad coach with Brooklyn.
  7. ML6

    2021 Off-season Discussion Thread

    Are you referencing Hammon & Kidd (before the Unseld news broke)? If so, I have seen near universal rejection of Kidd and what feels like ~70%+ approval for Hammon.
  8. ML6

    2021 Off-season Discussion Thread

    It really doesn't make sense on any level. 1) Kidd has been underwhelming (generous) to bad (more accurate) as a head coach. 2) The dichotomy between news of interviewing the first legitimate female NBA coaching candidate, followed immediately by news of interviewing Kidd, a domestic abuser. 3) The Magic's predilection for "high character guys" over recent years -- Kidd has a publicized DUI, a career littered with rumors successful and unsuccessful coups against coaches and front office members, and the aforementioned domestic violence plea. 4) Specific rumors of Kidd being on the precipice of taking over Hammond's job in MIL and Hammond being fired or reassigned to another position. Admittedly, I think the credibility of this report must be lacking if the Magic truly do interview Kidd -- I cannot imagine Hammond doing that if Kidd truly tried to overthrow him. I truly don't think I have seen one positive reaction from a Magic fan about the Kidd news. It is universally disliked. It would be the ultimate tone deaf hire, and while I am grossed out about him even getting an interview, I don't believe they are actually dumb enough to hire him.
  9. ML6

    2021 Off-season Discussion Thread

    On the bright side, it may allow me to mercifully swear off this cursed franchise once and for all.
  10. ML6

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    By my count, WeltHam have made some sort of decision on 11 2nd-round picks during their tenure. Well, technically 10 2nd rounders + 1 late first (25th pick in 2017). Of those 11, 9 were traded (5 in draft night deals, 4 in non-draft night deals). 2 were used to select players that the Magic kept: Frazier (awful) & Iwundu (fine for his draft slot) -- yes, both selected in the 30s. I find it highly unlikely that a front office who trades 82% of 2nd round picks at baseline will keep 3 draft picks in a year where they already have 7 players needing significant development on the roster. Crazier things have happened but I would be very surprised.
  11. ML6

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    There is a ~0% chance this FO keeps the 2nd round pick -- hate to say it, but that's how they operate with 2nd rounders. Add the number of young guys already being developed on this roster and it's a wrap. Hell, I'm not even convinced they keep the Bulls pick if it does convey this year.
  12. ML6

    2021 Off-season Discussion Thread

    Pretty sure D'antoni's agent just tossed Orlando in that rumor to signal to POR/BOS that he "has other options". Doubt he comes here and I agree that he seems like a poor fit.
  13. ML6

    2020 Official Playoffs Thread

    I still can't believe Lowry blatantly took Gordon out and caught very little **** for it.
  14. ML6

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    Makes sense now as to why he's out of the rotation. Missed time staying in shape during his illness, missed early bubble team workouts due to isolation, carrying extra weight from bulking up. Not sure if he's also dealing with lingering COVID effects, but hopefully he doesn't have any. I got COVID from a patient and was out of work from 7/13-7/26. Been back at work for 10 days and still randomly get short of breath / fatigued at times.
  15. ML6

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    Not basing this on only this single scrimmage but if anyone finds a reason why Frazier is still being developed, let me know