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  1. I'm starting to be confused by all those comparisions, as Gallo is an offensive player with a great stroke, but a very average defender, so... who we really drafted last thursday? :D
  2. Luke_FfS

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    As I've said a lot of times, I know nothing about college players, but are we really considering Wagner as a center?
  3. Luke_FfS

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    No to Oubre, I've read recent content on him that doesn't really make him look like a good team player. My wishes for free agents are something we talked about recently: good veterans that leads the young guys in the right way, not only in games but in training and in everything else too. People that want to improve every single day. Selfless guys that can play 30 minutes one day, and have no problem to let the other shine and play 15 the next one. Guys that helps to win but also to improve for the future.
  4. I'm not sure either. It's not like comparing him to... don't know, Scottie Pippen!
  5. Luke_FfS

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    For me it's hard to believe that has not happened before. That team with Evan&Vuch as main offensive weapons was going nowhere from the start. I'm hoping the next core will be a more solid one, and I wouldn't be surprised if Fournier gets those 80m... we've seen worst contracts before and we'll see others in the future.
  6. Luke_FfS

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    Timma is a very good player, at least has been in Europe, clearly we need to see what he could do in an NBA contest, but it's surely worth to take a look.
  7. I don't think it's an overreaction, it's actually what has always happened with that FO. Waiting for the own pick and trading the second rounder. No news there. The only real difference is that this time all the board seem to like a lot the guy that fell to us. I don't know him, so I can't judge, I hope you all are right and he'll change our future, but it's not like this was some great chess move from management. We'll see.
  8. I'm not sure that RW is a good fit for LA or in general a player that leads you to a title... a lot of failure in his career experiences. Also, I don't want to go on with the Vuc roll at all!
  9. Luke_FfS

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    Same here! Already greeted you for that in the past, but thanks again! And good luck for all Magic supporters for tonight. :)
  10. Luke_FfS

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    Year 2021, WELCOME! :P Also, don't know how to take those expectations on Fultz and Isaac... I mean, they're recovering from serious injuries, it's hard to predict they're going to be immediately better...
  11. Luke_FfS

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    Not only move up, but as I wrote previously, even include one or both picks in a trade for a player that they really like and they've more info about (and don't want to have too much youngsters together). Basically, keep all the options open and being active. And yes, I would keep Ross only if the coach is able to revert him at his old attitude (good defender able to break out on offense in some games). His green light version doesn't help the growth of the team and it's not he right veteran guide.
  12. Luke_FfS

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    Big +1 I was meaning to write the same yesterday, but I wouldn't be able to detail as well.
  13. Luke_FfS

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    Love him, but how many assets to trade for a 31yo that doesn't really fit our timeline? Maybe is better to try to understand who's the next Dame, and trade for him early. :)
  14. Luke_FfS

    2020-21 NBA Playoff Discussion Thread

    CP3 is not suddenly bad or in a slump, he only has pesky Holiday on him. Jrue stats could be MEH sometimes, but what he adds to the team is not only measured by that. A season ago a lot of people was surprised by the price paid by the Bucks for getting him, and was expectin an even larger package for Vuc... clearly the league and FO's has a different vision, one of those two players has incredible stats, All-Star appareances, but isn't going to make you win important games. The other one does.