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What up everyone! Since the draft is coming up let's talk about what positions you want your team to draft and your expectations this season.


With my team having 11 picks and 6 in the first 100 I hope they use it wisely. The 49ers need to grab 2 CB's early, a SS, and then grab a speedster at WR. I'm hoping for Kyle Fuller or Jason Verrett at CB, Buchanon or Joyner at safety, and maybe someone like Paul Richardson at WR. He's my sleeper at WR in this draft.


I'm thinking my 49ers will go 11-5 and if they don't win the SB it's a failed season IMO.

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I'm happy about the Jags picking Bortles (why not?) and the Bucs picking Evans, I think a Josh McCown - Vincent Jackson - Mike Evans combo could be just fine. I'm glad the Browns fans have someone to root for in Manziel, have a soft spot for them since Art Modell stole their team away like a thief in the night.

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