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  1. These refs are *****ing ass!!! ***** this league
  2. Freaking turnstile in the paint. Inexcusable rim protection and perimeter defense tonight
  3. The big lineup isn’t fast enough to keep up with the Mitchell and Garland backcourt. They’re getting anything they want. He couldn’t shoot worth a damn, but not having Gary on defense is killing us
  4. This 3rd quarter is exactly what we fear with this team. The pressing is here. We’re in danger of losing grip… cmon guys, need to tap back in
  5. 40 of Cleveland’s 49 points are in the paint… that’s gotta be better
  6. That being said. Great half! They’re getting a lot of lucky bounces and hitting a lot of lucky shots. I don’t expect that to continue. Just play our game and take this thing back to Cleveland. They don’t want a game 7
  7. Y’all… I can’t with the Donovan Mitchell foul-baiting bull****. Can we please just play some effing basketball?! Between him and Embiid and Brunson I’m beginning to question the future of the game.
  8. All Eyes On Me

    2024 NBA Playoff Thread

    I’ll never forgive Cleveland for tanking their way to play us and letting Indiana blow through a broken Bucks team. I really hope we make them pay.
  9. All Eyes On Me

    2024 NBA Playoff Thread

    We might be the leagues only hope at a 7 game series this round.
  10. This might be a hot take, but I don’t think Allen being out for them helped us at all. Even tho he was putting up monster numbers it was at the detriment of better players. Mobley at the 5 really hurt us, especially with how late the news came in and so little time to adjust. The situation you’re referring to at the end of the game with Isaac guarding Mitchell I believe is because of the Harris injury. We’ve consistently played Harris and Suggs on Garland and Mitchell all series, and Gary couldn’t play in the 2nd half. His shot has been way off this series, but his defense has been really good and if he can’t go tomorrow I’ll be curious to see how we respond.
  11. All Eyes On Me

    2024 NBA Playoff Thread

    Yeah, agreed. Half court offense is pretty much limited to either Paolo iso or Franz iso and you’re right Paolo’s handle is waaayyyy too loose. I can’t wait to get a competent offensive guard in here.
  12. All Eyes On Me

    2024 NBA Playoff Thread

    I think Joe was a +12 in 10 minutes last night. First good game of the series for him, and he’s not a long term piece. I’m impressed by Paolo because he’s doing what he’s doing as the only consistent offensive threat. The turnovers are frustrating but they’re a result of how bad the half court offense is. I cant wait to see Paolo with a secondary playmaker that is a threat to score and can set him up for some easy shots. Right now everything he does is so damn difficult, and he’s still playing at a high level. Franz isn’t a playmaker for others on O imo. He’s an iso guy and if he can’t get his jumpshot back, he’s not gonna fit long term with Paolo.
  13. All Eyes On Me

    2024 NBA Playoff Thread

    Making the playoffs and having a good fight has been so good for us. Getting our young studs experience and showing who belongs and where our weaknesses are. Paolo has shown his ceiling is best player in the league, Franz is an all-star, JI and WCJ are menaces in the paint and need to be part of our long term plan. I’ve been harsh on Wendell because of his scoring, but he doesn’t need to score to be effective. He’s a beast down low and he opens up so much space with the screens he sets. Suggs’ next level of growth needs to be playing less like a role player on offense, by that I mean shooting on the road like he does at home. His defense will travel and he’s the heart of this team. Also shows us some of the bad, mainly in the backcourt. Harris has played great defense, but he can’t hit the broadside of a barn, so he can’t be our long term starting 2. Fultz is succeeding in the bench lineup because the Cavs are actively ignoring him and he still hasn’t even attempted a 3, so his spacing doesn’t work with our team. Cole has been DREADFUL. I’m probably more disappointed in him than anyone else on the team this series. I know we just extended him, but I’d be looking for an out. The neutral guys are Moe and Joe to me, they are who they are. The highs on offense are fun, but the defense is so so bad from them individually so it’s like riding a rollercoaster when they’re on the floor. Also another high that needs to be mentioned is Mosely, especially in games 3-5. He’s made adjustments and has found ways to tap in to getting the best out of guys, especially at home. I feel like we’ve already achieved what I hoped to this season, making the playoffs and having a competitive first round series. Winning game 6 and forcing a game 7 would be so much fun, especially to see game 7 Paolo, he’s got that DOG in him and I could see him putting up one for the ages on Sunday if we can get to that point.
  14. All Eyes On Me

    2024 NBA Playoff Thread

    Not sure the best place to put off-season stuff until the playoff run is over, but there’s a ton of smoke around us being interested in Paul George. Sign me up. If we just run it back with PG in place of Gary, that’s a major upgrade. Sign him to a 2 year with a player option for year 3.
  15. Also, while it sucks to lose. We now know without a shadow of a doubt Paolo is that dude. The shotmaking in the 4th quarter was incredible. Franz made a good read and had a step, and it was a hell of a defensive play by Mobley, but Paolo needed to be the one with the ball in his hands in that moment.
  16. Let’s get em Friday. That was a heartbreaker…
  17. Smart timeout by Mose and good finish to the quarter. Gonna wish we hit free throws
  18. Moe Wagner is a turnstile out there on defense
  19. I hate maxi pad strus. Dirty effing player and ugly effing mug
  20. Only down 1 at the half. Great response in that quarter on D. Only gave up 15
  21. Down 10 in a quarter that Mitchell doesn’t score and Allen doesn’t play is brutal
  22. Whole lot of dumb **** happening on our end. Moe just gave them a free 3
  23. Jalen Suggs left his goddam brain in Orlando
  24. Franz needs to be more aggressive. No field goal attempts yet
  25. Back in Cleveland, forgot how to shoot again