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  1. If we were to trade for Josh Smith, it would have to be something like Jameer and Bass for Josh Smith straight up. Hinrich is too beneficial to the Hawks to be traded, especially when packaged with J. Smith. Adding Hinrich would also make the task of matching salaries and talent close to impossible for a trade to go down between ATL and ORL.
  2. I wonder who those sources are...
  3. Why must people fabricate information? I'm sick of this ****. I mean, I've got control issues, can you give a guy a break.
  4. Definitely don't think they'd trade away Hinrich. He's got a work hard play hard mentality which benefits Atlanta. Joe Johnson is a quiet star, Hinrich has leadership qualities. They just acquired him last season and I think he's too valuable to the Hawks.
  5. I would do Jameer + Bass for J Smith, I don't know about Ryan Anderson. He's like that Rashard Lewis dynamic with rebounding work ethic. The thing is...what if Arenas runs like Andre Miller next season. We're done unless Hedo wants to play "point forward" again.
  6. Next season for player introductions, after Paul Porter calls out every player but Dwight, the lights should dim...and DH12 should come out to Black Sabbath as the crowd goes nuts. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LjbMVXj0F8
  7. StaySharp

    Offseason Thread part 2

    windmill dunks twenty-four sev?
  8. StaySharp

    Offseason Thread part 2

    Feel free to call me an idiot, but I had an idea just now before my evening workout. I had some coffee so I'm buzzed enough to post this. I think we should, or may trade Jameer Nelson, Hedo Turkoglu, Ryan Anderson, and Brandon Bass for Chris Paul and Emeka Okafor. The salaries are true to trade. We lose frontcourt stability in backups and at the SF position, however, Okafor can play backup Center when Howard is out. If Orton can get in game shape then that would do a world of good for us whether or not we make this trade. We can also graze the FA wire for help, or use JJ to trade for a couple role players. Hunch: Dwight said that Arenas was not used properly last season and not in the right role. He said Arenas should receive more time with Howard in games. I think he's starting next season, and at the 2 so that he has more opportunities off the ball to get open looks. So, here's how it looks: PG: Chris Paul - Chris Duhon SG: Gilbert Arenas - JJ Redick SF: Quentin Richardson - Free Agent Pickup/Rookie PF: Emeka Okafor - Daniel Orton - FA/Rookie? C: Dwight Howard - Okafor? - FA/Rookie?
  9. StaySharp

    Offseason Thread part 2

    1. I thought CP3 wasn't going to re-sign with us.. :ph34r: 2. http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=3r2cnqy
  10. StaySharp

    Happy Father's Day

    Father's day always feels awkward to me because one of my close friends doesn't have one
  11. StaySharp

    Offseason Thread part 2

    i love lamp
  12. StaySharp

    Offseason Thread part 2

    Hedo fills the SF gap from Andre. Lou, Jodie, and Evan are capable of starting SG. Hawes is a FA next season and I don't think Speights should be starting at this point in his career. Emeka would solidify the C/PF position for them nicely. Elton Brand is getting old and despite his "comeback" season last year, he will need to be replaced in the future. Bass is a player with potential, and playing behind Brand would be a perfect fit until he shows he's capable of filling in the starting role.
  13. StaySharp

    Offseason Thread part 2

    Trade minus Howard http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=4xokpqr don't shoot.
  14. StaySharp

    Offseason Thread part 2

    I wanted to stir things up, not shake em. Put my trade idea aside, wasn't one of my best. Next time I'll invite Cheech and Chong to the party, they always liberate my thoughts.
  15. StaySharp

    Offseason Thread part 2

    Monta still on the block? haha