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  1. Just throwing this out there. First Year Kawhi scores 20+ per game: age 24. DeMar DeRozen: 24. LaMarcus Aldridge: 25. Steph mother*****ing Curry: 24. Victor "sniff... I'm not crying, you're crying!" Oladipo: 25. Julius Randle: 24. Klay Thompson: 24. Hell, why not? Joe Johnson: 24; Jimmy Butler: 25. I mention these guys because, unlike other guys such as CJ McCollum or Isaiah Thomas (both age 24 for their first, by the way), these guys didn't suddenly come out of nowhere as terrific scorers because they finally got the minutes. They build it up over time. They were guys who came into the league at various levels of poor-to-mediocre offense and built themselves into high-level scorers (Randle, I guess really we'll see, but I threw him in there just because he fit the criteria so far). They started out rough. Then they were okay. Then they were solid. Then they were very good. Then they were elite. They just worked their way into being elite scorers.


    I think Gordon does that his age 24 season. He fits the mold. This playoffs should be a reason for us to put it in his hands more (who else leads without Vuc, and dear God don't let us re-sign him). Yes, he's still raw in some ways. No, he's not Kawhi, or DeRozen, or any of those guys. That's what's great about that list of guys. Those guys are all different, all had to learn different things to be the elite scorers they are/were. Some were scorers in college who had to learn how to do it at an NBA level (Curry, for one). Some were super-raw talents who everyone thought could do it, but it took time (Aldridge, Johnson). Some were guys who weren't supposed to have high scoring ceilings at all, but worked their way into it (Kawhi, Klay).


    I'm not saying Gordon for sure does this. I just wanted to remind everyone that he hasn't NECESSARILY plateaued as a scorer, and he could still be elite. I see so many people say "We don't have that guy yet" with such certainty. But we still might. Tonight Gordon showed that he can put up 25 in a playoff game against one of the best defensive teams in the league, while guarding one of the best offensive players in the league. He did it in a variety of ways, when the defense knew he was all we had at that point. Yes, we lost big tonight. Yes, we lost big the other game this series he put up 20. But remember that we used to say 'Dipo only had big nights when we lost, too. It wasn't 'Dipo's fault we lost so much. It isn't Aaron's fault we're losing this series. I think Gordon makes another stride forward next year as a scorer, especially if Vuc leaves (please, God, leave).

  2. 2 minutes ago, ~O~ said:

    He couldnt miss because the magic let him get comfortable shooting the worst percentages and opening a runway to the rim in game 2.  He wouldn't be so comfortable in a close game or down 10 points.  

    Assuming you're talking about Kawhi, we clearly made the adjustment from game 2 and made him work a lot harder and have an inefficient and mistake-prone game 3. If we can find an adjustment against Siakam as well, they will have no offense.

  3. 2 minutes ago, ~O~ said:

    You gotta understand.  All the necessary adjustments have been made by Toronto.  They're basically water walking over us right now.  You've seen Fournier play terrible for 2 games and Vucevic play terrible for the entire series.  Fournier is missing wide open shots showing that he can't be relied on at all in the NBA on this stage.   Vucevic is falling apart mentally.  He just does not have anything on an out of prime...34 year old Marc Gasol.  Wouldn't you consider..that absolutely embarrassing?   


    There are few adjustments that can be made but Toronto is better than the Magic.  They have much more mismatches to exploit than the Magic.   I've literally seen this game 3 times   Its the same story.   

    It didn't have to come down to a rebound if Fournier and Vucevic did what they were suppose to do. 

    To be fair, we've played one game where Leonard couldn't miss no matter the defense, and another where Siakam couldn't. Maybe we'll actually get a game where none of their players put up the best game of their lives.

  4. I was screaming the whole 4th quarter for them to get Fournier out of the game. That guy is garbage when his shot's not falling. Isaac was our best player for a lot of the game and we benched him for the 4th. I know Cliff had him in their because we were struggling so much on offense, but it's frustrating because Fournier didn't really help our offense in the 4th, and he hurt our defense. Needed to just let Isaac play. Might have kept Siakam from owning us quite so much for the 4th.


    As an aside, how stupid is Toronto for continually running isos for Leonard against Gordon. Gordon owns him on isos.

  5. Just now, ?4thewin said:

    I don't think he makes it to our pick. But yeah. 

    I just think there are 8-10 legitimately better picks, and I don't see the teams between 10 and 15 taking him. Maybe Charlotte, if there's not a comparable PG like Garland available, or if they know they're going full rebuild. If the Lakers actually use their pick (doubtful), they're not picking a project; Charlotte may feel the same if they think they can retain Kemba; Miami desperately needs a young PG to groom (my brain refuses to accept Justise Winslow as a PG, so maybe I'm wrong); Boston just has soooo many wings already; and I'll admit Detroit is a weird mystery to me, but he just doesn't seem to fit there (I feel like they value shooting too much to draft Little).

  6. Is it weird I think Nassir Little ends up our pick? I was just talking with a Tar Heels fan about how he's going to be a mid-round pick (just a feeling we both have that's where he'll go), and I realized he won't fall past Orlando, because he's exactly what we always pick. Raw, good motor, long as hell, needs to learn to shoot. If he's there at 16, I think our FO just calls his name out of reflex.

  7. Pretty sure Gordon's defense isn't why Leonard scored 37. From what I saw, almost all of those points came off switches or crazy heaves that went in with Gordon draped all over him. Pretty much just like the 25 he had in game 1, when everyone admitted Gordon played great D despite Leonard's #s. Leonard is just playing out of his mind right now, and the team didn't do well switching on to him last night 

  8. OMG. So, all the emotions I've been bottling up all year over this team just released when that shot went through. I've stayed cool all year, because I realized I needed to change how much I invest in sports. After high-fiving my wife the eighth time, she just laughed and reminded me I can change how much I watch, how much I check stats and chat about this stuff online; but I'm just in love with this team, no matter what. Feels good. Feels so very good.