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  1. matthi32

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Maybe we trade Gordon now for DLO and Fournier and Moz for Wiggins DLO / Wiggins / Isaac / Aminu / Vuc with Augustin, Fultz, Ross and Bamba on the bench.
  2. matthi32

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Would you do this trade? Pelicans gets Pick Nr 7 and 16 Chicago gets Fournier, Augustine and Pick Nr. 4 Orlando gets La Vine and Dunn
  3. matthi32

    2019 Offseason Thread

    So SAC will have more money to spend on Vuc :-) If Durant leaves the Warriors, I could see Barnes rejoin his old team and play for another ring.
  4. matthi32

    2019 Offseason Thread

    3 scenarios I would consider for the offseason (orderd by preference): 1: Trade Fournier and the 16 pick for LaVine. Resign Ross and let Vuc walk. Sign a C for the MLE (R. Holmes). With that groupe we would be able to play a uptempo style. See next season which player is in our future plan. Than use the capspace from Mozgov, Augustine and maybe Fultz (if he didn‘t meet your expectations) to complete the roster. Fultz/Augustin/MCW or Briscoe LaVine/Ross/Iwundu Isaac/Ross/Iwundu Gordon/Isaac/Holmes Bamba/Holmes/Birch or Gortat 2: Trade Fournier and Mozgov to OKC for Adams. Let Vuc walk and resign Ross. Trade Bamba for Jaylen Brown (not sure if Boston do it). Draft Bol Bol. Fultz/Augustin/MCW or Briscoe Brown/Ross/Iwundu Isaac/Ross/Iwundu Gordon/Isaac/FA Adams/Bol Bol/FA 3: Let Vuc and Ross walk. Use our capspace to sign Malcon Brogdon. Trade Fournier for a C (Cody Zeller, Tristan Thompson or Derrick Favors) and draft a SG. Fultz/Augustin/MCW or Briscoe Brogdon/Rookie/Iwundu Isaac/Veteran FA/Iwundu Gordon/Isaac/FA Zeller/Bamba/FA
  5. matthi32

    Magic Vs. Raptors - Sunday, April 21st at 7:00 P.M.

    Maybe the Bulls. Fournier and this years pick for LaVine. I think Clifford could make a nice player out of LaVine in a uptempo system. Fultz/Augustin/MCW LaVine/Ross/Iwandu Isaac/Ross/Iwandu Gordon/Isaac/FA (Holmes) FA (Holmes)/Bamba/Birch -> Start Bamba as soon as he is ready Or do you see a chance to get Brogdon? I think he would be a nice fit as startimg SG.
  6. matthi32

    2019 NBA Draft Thread

    I stilI think we should trade the pick with Fournier to get a go-to-scorer. Maybe Washington would listen to a offer for Beal or the Bulls for LaVine. We also shouldn‘t overpay for Vuc. If he wants more than 15mil we should sign another free agent (Brook Lopez, Valanciunas, Kanter, McGee, Robin Lopez, Ed Davis...) There are enough options available. Same with Ross. I would hate to lose him. But if the price is more than 12mil we should pass. With Redick, Danny Green, Hood, Lamb... there are also some other options available.
  7. matthi32

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Should we rest some players against the 76ers? So they are not tired against the Heat the next day.
  8. matthi32

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    I think we should try hard to get Malcom Brogdon. He can play PG if Fultz isn‘t ready or play the starting SG. Also try to resign Ross for a fair contract (not more than 15m per year). Trade Fournier and our Pick for cap space. Let Vuc walk and bring Gortat on a cheap contract back to the Magic. Roster next season: Fultz/Augustin/Brogdon/Briscoe Brogdon/Ross/Frazier Isaac/Ross/Iwandu Gordon/Isaac/Martin or a veteran PF Bamba/Birch/Gortat
  9. matthi32

    Trade Thread

    http://www.espn.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=y9ud4n99 insert some picks if needed... Holiday/Augustin/Briscoe LaVine/Ross/Iwundu Isaac/Ross/Iwundu Gordon/Isaac/Martin Bamba/Okafor/Birch or http://www.espn.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=ya5fnugu Dunn/Augustin/Briscoe LaVine/Ross/Iwundu Isaac/Ross/Iwundu Gordon/Isaac/Martin Vuc/Bamba/Birch
  10. matthi32

    Trade Thread

    I know for that statement I will get some downvotes, but I can see some T-Mac in Lavine.
  11. matthi32

    Trade Thread

    Could Lavine be our starting PG or is he more a SG?
  12. matthi32

    Trade Thread

    Let's try to trade Fournier for Rubio. Something like Fournier + Grant + OKC-Pick for Rubio + Sefelosha. This trade would slove 2 problems (Starting PG and get ride of Fournier). I think this trade would also help the Jazz. They played there best basketball this season with Mitchell at PG. Fournier could be a nice fit at SG.
  13. matthi32

    Trade Thread

    http://www.espn.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=y7sky8u3 Fournier & Simmons for Barnes and Smith jr. Vuc for J. Brown and Baynes if necessary I would include draftpicks (1rd and 2rd) Smith jr./Augustin Brown/Ross Barnes/Isaac/Ross Gordon/Isaac/Barnes Baynes/Bamba/Birch
  14. matthi32

    Trade Thread

    Utah for Rubio? Fournier and Grant for Rubio and Sefolosha