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  1. Time2GetSerious

    2024 Off-season Thread

    Yes, that's a great point. And very true. Let's just hope that the necessary moves are made going forward.
  2. Time2GetSerious

    2024 Off-season Thread

    Did he really say that he doesn't think the current team lacks shooting? What in the world has he been watching? Good grief! If the team had capable (consistent) 3-point shooters this season they would have finished second in the Eastern Conference playoff standings. They would also be a legitimate title contender in my humble opinion. Should little or nothing be done this off season and they return with virtually the same line up then more than likely the same results will transpire next year. A point guard who can consistently get into the paint and finish is needed, as well as one or two solid 3-point shooters. This will take ball handling pressure off of Paolo which in turn will reduce the turnover numbers. It will also open things up for Paolo and Franz, and for the shooters. By making more shots this will also reduce the number of runouts teams have off of those missed shots. That cost us in this series. In particular game 7. They would get out and run off of our missed shots. Nothing more demoralizing than giving up a bunch of those in succession.
  3. Yes indeed! All part of the process. If someone told me two years ago that we would win nearly 50 games, win the division, and be in a game 7 in a first round series I would have signed up for that any day of the week!
  4. Exactly! They are still very young. That is what makes this season a complete success and makes the future even more bright moving forward! We won the division. Almost won 50 games. Nearly finished in the top 4 in the Conference. And went 7 games in a first round series after being down 0-2. Plenty to look forward to!
  5. This was still a great season in spite of the outcome. To come from where we were just a couple of years ago to now is incredible. Yes, it's a first-round loss but we stretched it to 7 games. It is all part of the process. Now we need to add some pieces for next season and continue to build and grow. And no question that Paolo has established himself as a star in this League. Franz needs to use this as motivation going into the off season. A point guard and a couple of 3-point snipers and we are a serious contender!
  6. Boston is gonna destroy them! Not sour grapes. Just a reality.
  7. The difference between Franz and Paolo is that PB drives to the rack looking for contact while Franz is trying to avoid the contact. FW only had 4 ft's while Paolo had 18 today!
  8. In all the games we won we hit at least 12 3's. In all the games we lost we didn't. And I believe all 3 games where we did was at home. Essentially today's game was lost at the end of the first half when they cut an 18-point lead down to 10 before halftime.
  9. To be fair to Franz Garland has been just as bad for them.
  10. We have been outscored 57-28 since there was 4:17 left in the second quarter and we held an 18-pont lead. It's as if we just stopped playing for some reason.
  11. The League would rather have a banged-up Cavs team being a sacrificial lamb for the Celtics to carve up to help assure that Celtics versus Knicks ECF's. However, the NBA wouldn't be that corrupt, would they? That would make it seem as though they are all about money. No, it can't be!
  12. It's a shame if we do go on to lose. However, it was a great season and still a very successful one in my opinion. We definitely need to acquire a point guard for next season. That would be a big help. Boston will either sweep the Cavs or it will be five games maximum.
  13. Ok Magic fans Breathe and Believe. They were due for a run and they made it. Now it's time to strap in and get it done. Franz needs to step up. Eventually MItchell will run out of gas.
  14. And even more positivity here, if we didn't establish that big lead before they made their run then we could be down by like 15 or so now. That's how important that early lead was.