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  1. Yes same here. I want to see what Cole does off the bench with Ross, but also want to see Ross moved to see what younger guys can do. If we got Harris back on a lesser Ross like deal, that would be great, I feel like the Kings, Raps, Wolves, Pels, Hawks or Knicks could jack up the price for Harris. Maybe our competition. Cole's had some monster game this year, but it looks like since he's gotten back from injury (maybe was happening before that) that he's negatively effecting the progress of team mates when he's on the floor. If that continues you have to bench him. The NFL and NBA are very different when it comes to development. We can look at the Jags at QB and see Lawrence making improvement, it only take a season and a half to evaluate whether this guy is making enough improvements to be a franchise cornerstone. In the NBA because the season is so long you have inconsistent performances and injuries that push that development out for years.It can take 3 years before we know if a guy is worth moving forward with. Even with Bamba's 32 yesterday, I think we've seen enough inconsistencies to know this guy has an attitude with being a backup and hasn't put the work in to be a reliable cornerstone. RJ we're still evaluating, I'm not ready to give up on him, but I think he is gone. I think Chuma is another one that you resign for the right price, but don't care enough to match if someone outbids you in Restricted Free Agency. For me it's Suggs, Fran, WCJr as the core and hopefully Fultz and Issac can compliment that into something special.
  2. I'd like to see how Fultz does with Suggs. If it's a better option then Cole Anthony black hole since he got back from injury then I would include Cole in any trade with Ross or Bamba to get some quality return. If Fultz isn't the same pre-injury then we cut our losses include his salary in any trade. Forced to roll with Cole, Suggs until something better comes along. Still haven't given up on R.J. , but getting close. I do think Suggs, Franz are our long term future with WCJr as a core piece unless someone better emerges. Hopefully Issac comes back with no more injuries, but prepared he may not be here either. That kind of season. ...for All Nba teams.
  3. Maybe I'm the lone wolf on this sentiment, but I don't see any issues with playing R.J. at PG. This year is about player development and the youngin's learning to play together. Nothing wrong with playing him at PG and working on those skills. He'll be even better at SG/SF having gone through it. The Thunder threw Harden at PG and KD at SG for one season. Didn't work out, but maybe they are better players for it. If we continue to have bad results into year 2 of this rebuild then yes, let's make changes. One season won't kill us. They learn from each other this year, work on their games and we add better role players next year to boost this core.
  4. Definitely weird him not being back yet. Maybe his camp/Magic doctors wants to be sure he is fully healed before sending him out there. The verbiage is strong in his contract, if he can't come back from his knee or re injures it then Magic can void his deal. From John Hollinger~ "Isaac’s deal might be even better than Anunoby’s depending on his health. Let’s start there because Orlando wisely hedged against it in two ways. First of all, there are the incentives — $2.6 million each year — that he only receives if he plays in at least 70 games (or the pro-rated equivalent if we change from an 82-game schedule). Second, sources tell The Athletic that his contract contains an “Exhibit 3,” which could limit or eliminate his salary protection based on an injury to a certain body part. That body part would almost certainly be his left knee that just suffered a torn ACL."
  5. MagicTurk

    2021-2022 General Game Thread

    I think that hinges on Fultz still having his explosiveness. Some guys are not the same after blowing their ACL. If Fultz lack the quickness to keep up Defensively then he is useless to this team. I think Cole maybe has passed him and should start. And again maybe we revisit Issac or Fultz for Ben Simmons if we need someone to just be a better playmaker. Simmons is a way better defender then Fultz and I think a great fit with Franz, Cole and Suggs.
  6. MagicTurk

    2021-2022 General Game Thread

    What a win!!!! Franz steal of the draft!!!! It seems we are going to live or die by Cole this year, right now PER has him as a top 10 PG in the league, craziness. Is he really better then Fultz?
  7. MagicTurk

    2021-2022 General Game Thread

    Franz looking like Dirk with Defense!!! Very happy with him. :) I'm not worried on Suggs, he'll figure it out. TRoss may have the worst Plus/Minus ratio in the NBA this season. RJ our 2nd least efficient player after five games.
  8. Wow, what is Philly doing at this point? They really messed up by throwing him under the bus after playoffs and not trading him while offers were high. The longer this drama goes on the more likely they are taking .25 cents on the dollar. Apparently they just turned down a offer centered around Lavert and Brogdon. I don't know why the Pacers would offer both, but Morey's stupid if they turned that down. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/32430529/philadelphia-76ers-suspend-ben-simmons-their-season-opener
  9. Great deal!!! Even if Bamba turns into a stud and turns the corner than we have WCJ as very attractive trade asset. Mo is going to have significantly step up his game this year to beat him out.
  10. Yep, unfortunately for every Joel Embiid there are two or three cases like Antonio Mcdyess that just are injury prone and can't stay on the court.... and the bizarre cases like Brandon Roy where there just nothing left of that knee. The problem with our team is that we have too many guys like that. Fultz, Issac, Carter Jr. The good news about Issac''s contract is that if he gets re-injured in that same kneed the contract is not guaranteed. We can move on.
  11. MagicTurk

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    SARS, Influenza, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Legionaires. There are over a million viruses. We spread them every day. COVID is just bad symptoms and easily transmissible. I've had it twice. Once while vaccinated and I had it much easier time of it the second time...so I'm not denying that COVID is dangerous. But it's misinformation to say the vaccinated can't spread COVID. The un-vax religious people did not get other stuff, why should we care about them not getting COVID if we are vaccinated? The fact is, if you are vaccinated you likely survive COVID. This whole hold the un-vax down and jab them thought process is fear-mongering and for the 2022 elections. People are easy to manipulate when they are afraid and they have someone to blame.Been the truth about Mobs for thousands of years. Issac has guts for taking a stand. As long as he plays good basketball, I don't care if chooses not to get vaccinated.
  12. MagicTurk

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    If a variant becomes so deadly that your not safe at any age even with the vaccine, us blaming Jon Issac and other non-vax does no good in that situation. At that point you shut down the NBA season...you shut everything down. I think Biden is pitting us to hate the un-vax for 2022 elections. There are a number of deadly viruses out there that we have vaccines for and not everyone takes those vaccines because of religious or auto-immune reasons. Why is COVID any differant? Those viruses are just as deadly. I am vaccinated for COVID, anthrax and Small pox. Most of the population does not have the anthrax or Small pox vaccine. If there were an outbreak of those two deadlier viruses than I wouldn't blame an unvax small pox person if they got me sick with a variant. You get a vaccine to protect you! There will not be 100% getting the vaccine. There never was before and it won't happen with the Covid vaccine, we just need to accept it and move on. The saber rattling is to divide, scare and get you to the polls in 2022. I support getting the vaccine, but I also support anyone's choice not to get it. Issac is still the best player on this team! If he plays well I don't care if he sits out a few games because of a religious belief. If he starts to suck or gets injured we move on.
  13. MagicTurk

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    ? I think people have drunk the Biden koolaid on vaccines. The man is 80 year rambling moron who is a career liar...I don't trust him or Trump when it comes to telling truth. We will never had heard immunity because this thing mutates like the flu which kills thousands of people every year. Even if you get the vaccine you can still spread COVID. The vaccinated walking around without masks is what around fourth of July is what really caused the last outbreak. They just want to use this VAX vs UN-VAX thing for 2022 elections. Even if you get the vaccine you can die of COVID. I think it's a non-issue. Issac will just have to get tested more frequently. The American politician divides and blames so you get angry and vote for them in 2022. The plandemic is over, we have a vaccine...you get boosters if you feel unsafe and you move on. Un-Vax will be left unprotected if they don't get vaccines. Just like you are unprotected from flu if you don't get flu vaccine.
  14. MagicTurk

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    https://sports.yahoo.com/nba-rumors-ben-simmons-drawn-150343397.html Strap in, a dark horse team not mentioned yet in trade rumors are interested and have made an offer for Simmons, has to be us right? They mention Portland, New Orleans and Detroit as possible teams, but I don't think Nola or Detroit made the offer given their timeline and Portland has been named previously. The list of small market teams who have been tied at least once to Simmons in this summer's rumor mill. Timberwolves Raptors Cavaliers Pacers Spurs Kings
  15. MagicTurk

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    Those are the type of low cost deals the Magic should be looking to make. But Doumbouya looks like a big bust, if a young team like the Piston's who are a lottery team for the next two years,are already giving up on him that may be a red flag. Doumbuya is only 20, athletic, but doesn't look like in NBA player. We should be looking out for ways to steal young talent though.