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  1. I don't think we've jacked as hard as we usually do tbh?? I'm somewhat positive after that 3rd qtr, of which I ain't usually.
  2. When O'keke takes a shot, I just accept it misses. We need to drop the dude.
  3. I really hope we win this, losing against a team with Mason Plumlee seems like a super loss to me. It does every time.
  4. We surely miss some decent defense as well lol
  5. You reckon magic are worth a punt?
  6. Oh well, hopefully Franz learned something this game
  7. A great 3rd Qtr. We’ll hopefully see this through!
  8. We’ve done well to keep this competitive! It sure is nice to have T. Ross back. Lets go Magic!
  9. Been really enjoying Gravett so far!
  10. We need to get these *****ing rebounds
  11. Oh god no, Wendell looks hurt bad