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  1. gobucsmagic

    2021 Off-season Discussion Thread

    They said we wanted a younger coach, so 65 years young
  2. gobucsmagic

    2020-21 NBA Playoff Discussion Thread

    Unreal. And to think he wanted to be drafted by and play in Orlando. SMDH
  3. gobucsmagic

    2021 Off-season Discussion Thread

    And this is why I didn’t block JJZFL. Same goes for Bacon I’d add
  4. gobucsmagic

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    I don't think any consideration is given in terms of fit in most of these mock drafts
  5. gobucsmagic

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    I think it’s a little over 50% probability we land in the top 4
  6. gobucsmagic

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    There is absolutely no way JJZFL doesn’t pounce on this lol
  7. gobucsmagic

    Chicago Bulls Draft Pick Watch

    Nah, there may be a day that he posts something worthwhile that isn’t about the detriment and risk involved in tanking. I don’t want to miss that day
  8. gobucsmagic

    Chicago Bulls Draft Pick Watch

    Yes, we all know exactly how you feel about tanking. So then how do you propose we improve the team and become contenders because all I hear is you constantly bashing tanking all while proposing no alternative plan? We’ll just consider this a rhetorical question since you blocked me lol And for the record, your argument that if things don’t work out all you have left is to be bad could apply to FA also. Should we not take risks signing FA’s out of fear that they may get injured, or that the chemistry might be bad and it might not work out? There’s risk involved in all of this being my point
  9. gobucsmagic

    Chicago Bulls Draft Pick Watch

    Neither of these provide a solution to tanking for draft position, although the first one discusses the influence of Philly's epic tanking on the idea of the play-ins
  10. gobucsmagic

    Chicago Bulls Draft Pick Watch

    I'll respond even though JJZFL blocked me. Sorry, but not sorry if he felt "attacked" lol...even though I think its pretty clear it's the idea that was being blasted, not him as an individual, and here's why. There is already a huge parity issue in the league with large markets having a competitive advantage recruiting top FA's. The idea that the league would flatten the odds for the draft lottery, based on JJZFL's assertion that non-playoff teams are deliberately losing games (which I acknowledge in some cases is occurring) would potentially only lead to greater disparity between the have's and the have nots, rendering some teams unable to compete at all. JJZFL would refer to these teams as perennial tankers I assume. As I've previously stated, I personally don't think tanking is that big of an issue. If your team sucks, like we did this year largely due to injuries and mid-season trades that were probably overdue, sometimes the only reason to even watch games is for player development and the hope of a high draft pick. Yes, I realize that rooting for losses sucks (but no more so than rooting for meaningless wins against bottom feeders or teams resting players that ultimately only decrease our odds for a top draft pick). I know all of us can't wait for this team to be competitive again, but at least with things the way they are now there is at least some hope, and a legitimate chance, of getting a high draft pick that will yield a player that can help turn things around. If you take that away I'm not sure what you'd be left with, but it could potentially get really ugly, really quickly. I mean can you imagine how hopeless we'd feel if the odds were flattened, Chicago moved into the top 4, and our pick ended up say 7-10? As things stand now we could still end up at pick 7 and lose the Bulls pick, so nothing is guaranteed by losing intentionally as things currently stand. As far as keeping teams competing, expanded playoffs (or the play-ins that we currently have) keep two extra teams (and teams within a few games of those teams) per conference in the mix. I'm not sure that including additional teams above and beyond the play-in's is the answer, but again, I also don't think that "tanking" is this giant issue that needs to be remedied at the moment.
  11. gobucsmagic

    Chicago Bulls Draft Pick Watch

  12. gobucsmagic

    Chicago Bulls Draft Pick Watch

    As are any and all conversations regarding tanking. I'll continue to complain as long as you keep bringing it up since its an open forum as you previously mentioned, but, by all means, feel free to block me
  13. gobucsmagic

    Chicago Bulls Draft Pick Watch

    I agree and don't feel bad, it's really pretty confusing. That was an amazing breakdown by jmmagicfan!
  14. gobucsmagic

    Chicago Bulls Draft Pick Watch

    What he said ^