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Magic vs Jazz - Thurs., Mar. 9th @ 7 pm

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1 hour ago, hootie249 said:

Saw an interesting article about the Heat on the ringer. Both of the runs they had, to the finals in 2020 and the near finals last year, were fueled by 3 point shooting. 

The Heats two best players are not 3 point shooters. You can see that tonight. However in 2020 and last year everyone else on the Heat were well above league average. Two take away's from this is every year is different. They are bad this year, but were fantastic during the run to the conference finals. You can produce around a few players who don't shoot the 3, but you do have to have some. We can find shooters and some of our players will get better. But Banchero and Fultz do not have to be drop dead shooters, just a threat, at least.

I put such a huge asterisk on the bubble where the Heat made one of their runs. It’s so much easier to shoot in an empty gym.


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2 hours ago, JJZFL said:

If he's really playing through pain, that means he's probably at risk for worsening his injury.  If that's really the case, the team needs to have their collective heads examined.  Why risk Franz at this point in a lost season?

Maybe I’m grasping at something that’s not there, just know when I saw that ankle roll I expected him to miss time.

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