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Magic vs Hawks Official Game Thread - Wed., Dec. 15 @ 7 PM

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14 hours ago, Natesroom said:

I cant understand how these supposed professionals make these passes. Our team turns the ball over like they are high school players.

Quote #2


What I'm about to say is no way being apologetic for our losing record. However, there are several things that attribute to the Magic not playing well.

Some of you are upset about the high number of turnovers. I agree with you. What I  am about to say (about turnovers by other teams), some will say that it's about us and not other teams.

As some of you know, the Warriors are my second favorite team. The Warriors also make a lot of turnovers which is well talked about every game. But they have a winning record and are one of the top ranked teams in the league. The Warriors had a terrible year last season and ranked near the bottom of the league. They also had injuries.

Both the Magic and the Warriors have a lot of new players this season. The differences are:

         1.  The Warriors play team basketball, moving the ball around (no one-on-one) or over dribbling.

         2. They have multiple players who can shoot and score (not just relying on Curry to carry the team).

          3. They have very good rim protectors even with James Wiseman out due to injuries.

        4.   They are very good on defense.

        5.   Draymond Green and Steph Curry are the team leaders on the Warriors. Basically, as I see it, they are coaching that team, especially Draymond. I see both of them talking to their teammates. Coach Kerr just sends players in the game (rotations).  The Magic does not have a team leader. I wouldn't necessarily call Cole a team leader.

I'm not saying that players should coach a team. . .THAT'S WHAT A COACH IS PAID FOR. The coach can't shoot the ball for the players, but a very important part of his job is rotations. . .putting the right combination of players on the floor. I have seen the Magic coach put a group of players on the floor and none of them could shoot the ball or score.

By the way, I do see potential in a handful of our players, and those players contributed to the few wins we have.

Looking at you, coach!     wpocBp.gif



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