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  1. Some contract details starting to come out, and wow, Weltman cooked this off-season. Harris and Moe have teams options after the first year. Isaac has next year and the year after fully guaranteed, but only half guaranteed in year 3 and unguaranteed years 4 and 5.

  2. 12 minutes ago, jmmagicfan said:

    Someone mentioned amending Isaac’s contract and said why would we give him more money, but didn’t mention that maybe we would give him less. I’m not sure if this year’s salary changes, but the five year contract average is $16,8M, which is less. As someone mentioned, I’m interested in what injury allowances there are.

    With the Moe and G Harris contracts and the da Silva projected full 120% of the rookie minimum for pick 18, I think we have about $5M under the cap. 

    I’d expect Isaac is front-loaded this year and will be on a cheaper per season deal near the end to even out Paolo, Franz and Jalen’s extensions.

  3. Just now, MagicMan1979 said:

    I hope they front load that contract. His injury history is very scary. 

    Yeah, im looking forward to seeing the structure and the guarantees. I don’t buy for a second that he’s magically healthy, and I hope we’re smarter than that. Also 5 year $84 mill is only about $18 mill a season, not a bad contract at all compared to what some of these guys are getting paid this off-season 

  4. 1 hour ago, JJZFL said:

    Please help clarify for me.  Does this mean that no further free agent signings or trades take place after July 6th?

    Everything in FA so far has just been verbal, nobody can sign anything yet. When the moratorium period is over on the 6th things become officially official. Trades and free agency are still open and remain open until the deadlines during the season.

  5. According to Keith Smith, he’s crunched numbers and we still have $23.7 million in cap space, not including Goga as his contract does meet the criteria for the room exception.

    I don’t know, something still seems up to me. Maybe I’m just hopeless, but that’s still a good chunk of change that we could use to absorb a contract. Collin Sexton only makes $18.1 million next season… :)

  6. Ok, now if Mitchell re-signing in Cleveland leads to a Garland trade and we aren’t rumored to be heavily involved in the discussions, yall can be mad… lol

    The last 2 moves will inevitably be Wagner and Ingles re-signing, so this off-season we are running it back but with TDS and KCP in place of Fultz and Chuma. It’s not sexy at all, but at least we didn’t hamstring ourselves with a horrible overpay for a guy that makes us marginally better (Hartenstein). FWIW, I would’ve given PG the 4 year max, but I understand why we didn’t.

  7. My favorite part about the off-season so far is all of the insiders and even the majority of non-Magic fans online loving what we’re doing every time we make a move, and a good amount of our fanbase losing its mind… isn’t basketball fun? lol

    The only other move I expect is bringing back Moe Wagner, and hell I wouldn’t be surprised if we brought back Kelle on a sweetheart at this point. The depth is insane, probably too deep, but just gotta enjoy the ride because as much as I’ve tried in my years as a fan, I have very little say in what the GM decides to do. 

  8. 23 minutes ago, Jon said:

    We improved? How? KCP? I mean we basically just retained what we already had. How did we improve?

    KCP is a huge improvement at the starting 2 offensively, defensively and most importantly from an availability standpoint. I understand you’re disappointed in the off-season so far, but I fully believe we’re better now than we were 2 days ago and I’d love to hear an argument how we’re not.

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  9. 2 minutes ago, MagicFanDan said:

    Struggling to see what a trade would look like. 

    Got any ideas? 

    Feel like it’d be Wendell and picks to bring in a guard. Sexton, Simons, McCollum? I know a lot of people are throwing Cole‘s name out there as someone we’d trade but I’d be shocked. He’s too important to the culture and chemistry of the team.

  10. This has been a really strange approach this off-season. We have too much depth. We’ve once again buried our first round picks. I’m not upset cause the deals have been good deals and we have improved a 47 win team, it just wasn’t what I expected at all. I feel like a trade could be coming, but I also don’t have much faith in this FO to pull one off.

  11. 26 minutes ago, TreyMachine said:

    what's our beef with WCJ? Does he just don't fit into our identity? Were his numbers bad? I remember we always seemed to be better with him in the lineup. 

    To me it’s about availability. Management finally seems to be moving on from the injury prone guys. Harris and Fultz gone already, feel like they all 3 fall into the same category