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  1. 17 hours ago, TheNameIsOrlando said:

    I haven't been able to do enough deep watching this season but there has to be an explanation on why his impact is what it is while also looking like he is terrible. 

    I know early on in the season his rotations were bad and he was out of position a lot. Has that improved any? Just being in the right spot can impact a defense even if you're playing defense terribly. 

    I wonder how much his length plays into it. Being in the wrong spot but being long enough to still alter shots can make up for getting pushed around or being in the wrong spot. 

    I don't know if I can think of anything else without really watching him for a few games.

    He just doesn't play with enough energy, so it looks really bad.

  2. 3 hours ago, All Eyes On Me said:

    Of course!

    The diagonal line is the average on the slope. The x-axis is points added when the player is on the floor by their individual contribution on offense. The y-axis is points saved when the player is on the floor by their individual contribution on defense. Anywhere above the diagonal is a plus performer, anywhere below it is a minus, on it is average. The higher in to the top right corner you are the better and the lower in to the bottom left corner you are the worse. You’ll see Aminu and Bamba are solid at savings points on defense, but are a net negative by being worse on offense. Fournier is a net positive because even though his defense is bad, his offense has been good enough to make up for it so far. Isaac is way up there because so far he’s been about a zero on offense, but he’s been elite on defense. Vucevic is our only player that is providing a positive in both offense and defense so far when on the floor. Augustin has been our worst contributor so far (sorry, I know you love him!) because he’s been bad on both sides of the ball. 


  3. 14 minutes ago, hootie249 said:

       Evan is a good player, but we all know it's fools gold. He would fit better on a different team.

          Had to Edit. Let's say we had gotten Doncic, i think  we would be seeing a better Evan and Even Vooch. With a point forward like him and a capable Pg like Fultz i think Evan and Vooch would flourish by having the ball less.

    Fultz could do things similar to doncic if he was given the ball and usage that doncic gets. Doncic has an offense built around him. Fultz is like the  4 option on a team that should have him, at worse, 2nd option. Fultz is a top 5 guard finishing around the rim and he is a very good passer. He could make fournier more efficient. IMO



  4. Game 50: Cleveland:

    Pure Magic (Pros): Fultz has been playing well on offense. He is taking great shots and playing with in his self. He hit 3 perimeter shots. He was 1 for 1 from three. The 3 pointer was also at a key point in the 4th quarter. He did a great job pushing the ball. The first half seem a little better, it terms of pushing the pace. The second half seemed slower from fultz, but I think it was more about milking the clock for the win.

    Disenchantment (Cons): I noticed that fultz, at times, passes to players in spots that they can not do much with the ball. This game, he had a few turnovers and got 4 fouls. 

  5. Game 49: Detroit:

    Pure Magic (Pros): Fultz and Ross were the only players making shots. When a player is shooting and hitting 58% of their shots. It is a good thing. He scored 16 points and was 7-12 from the field. 

    Disenchantment (Cons): This was one of the games when I noticed that Fultz was -13 in plus minus. (This was mostly because other players could not hit shots.) Fultz was also 0 - 2 from 3. 

  6. Game 48: Pacers:

    Pure Magic (Pros): Fultz did have 3 jaw dropping plays. He had crossover that nearly sent the defender into the first row of the stands and he finished it with an over the should blind pass. The next standout play, was a drive that  he absorbed contact from 3 defenders and easy finished over the defense. Lastly, he had another late game dunk that was almost the play of the game before holiday's game winning 3. Fultz finished the game with 13 pts, 9 assists and only 2 turnovers. He played in about 29 mins.

    Disenchantment (Cons): Fultz had some standout plays, but I was really looking for him to dominate. It just seems, with gordon and vuch out, he should be the number the one option. He just scores and make plays so easily. We could not afford for him to be even with aaron holiday. He is just a much bigger and better player. This is more a team thing verse a negative to fultz. I feel fultz is working with in what the team is asking. This was a game we could have won - with fultz playing 35mins. He was one of the few plus players. The pacers seemed to go on runs with fultz out. 

    Game Note: Offensively, Isaac also had his best game of the year. 25pts on 10-16 shooting. 

  7. 8 hours ago, Fultz4thewin said:

    Also I'm not sure switching from Vucevic to Drummond would make us a worse offensive team. It's not like Drummond is Birch. He's got a track record of being able to provide an efficient 16ppg. 



    I'm just not sure if he's worth the financial investment that it would take to keep him. 

    the passing and spacing is what I was speaking too. I know he can score on the block.