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  1. 12 minutes ago, Albert Lergier said:

    I think there is a chance  they go in for all the marbles....if we can get Paul & Klay, Magic should not loose a game like they did in game 7 of the playoffs vs the Cavs.

    For 2 or 3 years nobody would mind seeing this team on the court....winning, winning BIG.

    We'd win championship next season with those 2 and we stayed healthy...

    PG alone we would be in the East finals for sure...

    Regardless we are championship contenders from this coming season onwards 

  2. 24 minutes ago, jmmagicfan said:

    I don’t think Klay will sign a new contract anywhere for less than four years, and I’m not sure he even has two left. The injuries have piled up the last few years and that takes a toll. I don’t hate the theory, but I’m not sold on the actual. I agree that our first priority should be a point guard to take the ball handling pressure off of Franz and Paolo. I wish we could depend on a healthy Fultz, but I think that ship has sailed. If we bring him back, he will be a 15-20 minute backup at best, with the kind of restrictions that JI has had the previous season.

    Not point guard... Combo guard yes for me.. a pure PG is not a necessity...  a extra ball handler with a good handle and shot is what we need... Paul George would be outstanding and instantly make us 2nd favourites to come out the East... 

    Weltman gets this off season right and we are about to take over

    For me personally FRANZ needs to handle to ball way more... if Klay comes Franz is gonna reach a different stratosphere and Paolo obviously too will be better for it...


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  3. Anybody who says no to us having Klay you need to give your head a wobble..  

    3 year contract.. 3rd year team option lovely jubbly.... sign me up..

    Basically replacing Gary for Klay look

    No brainer...

    If Klay wants to come and does come.. it's gonna be a chip on his shoulder..motivated Klay... 1 of the best SHOOTERS EVER!!!

    Gonna be amazing for us... manage him abit like J.I but not nearly as much...

    Suggs..Klay..Franz..Paolo..Wendell LOL

    Now imagine PG13 and Klay... front office would have to get tekky with it.....


    AB..Cole..Isaac.. Wendell?. Mo Wagner

    I'm just chucking ideas

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  4. We

    3 minutes ago, JJZFL said:

    No we aren’t.  We play mostly Iso, especially in close games, and we get the same results as the Mavericks when we do.  

    We have been.. you are right.... We are still learning etc.. 

    We are/will be built to play and beat the Celtics.. we just need a bit more offensive punch and we are good to go toe to toe with them.  We also have the best player in Paolo..  you may disagree as of today...  but for me Paolo is going to be LEVELS above Tatum/Brown.. as early as this season.

    I'm looking forward to the battles to come with them... coz it's certainly happening 

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  5. Jett Howard was told about the things he needs to work on, per Magic GM Anthony Parker via the PodSquad:

    “To his credit he took on the challenge and you saw him get better over the course of the season.. You saw how he played start to line up with what we wanted to see from him”

  6. Orlando Magic GM Anthony Parker on the PodSquad mentioned that both rookies Black and Jett have been in the facility throughout the summer

    He added their bodies are starting to change and their confidence is starting to grow. Both have routinely been the first players in the gym

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  7. Orlando Magic GM Anthony Parker via PodSquad: “I hope to be in a lot conversations that several years ago we weren’t able to be apart of” in the upcoming free agency:

    Parker mentioned the success of the team, facility, weather and tax free situations as a driving force

  8. https://x.com/PatMcAfeeShow/status/1800950462746640777?t=UPkt5A0kDgRN9Au-qm6kcQ&s=19

    Windhorst says its between...

    Clips...76ers and our Magic for PG

    i got a feeling he is going to come here

    Sign PG and we stay healthy.. we win the East next season and probably the championship.. no false hope.. that teams absolutely DISGUSTING WOW!!

    Suggs, PG13, Franz, Paolo, 

    AB..Cole..Jett..Isaac..Mo Wagner..!!

    maybe trade for star Point guard while AB gets more experience?

    I wont lie ive said it numerous times

    AB and Jett are gonna be KILLERS..

    Weltman and co are a top front office..

    Just for fun.. imagine 

    Trae, Suggs, PG13, Franz, Paolo


    Keeping Isaac no matter what..

    mwaahahahaha ( evil voice ) CHAMPIONSHIPS GALORE

  9. 33 minutes ago, TreyMachine said:

    Boston isn't a Super Team in the true sense of a Super Team though. Brown and Tatum are bonafide stars drafted by their team, but Horford is a 38 year old former All-Star that plays smart team ball and hits open shots, and Holiday is 34 and while a 2-time All-star - he was 22 and then 32 for his two selections. What Holiday really brings to the team is 6 all-defensive selections and an NBA Sportsmanship Award and a 2x NBA Teammate of the Year Award (aka Leadership and Respect in the locker room). Patrick White just makes open shots and plays hard defense. And Porzingas is a matchup nightmare and former all-star, but he's always hurt. 

    My point: this isn't Garnett+Pierce+Allen+Walker or James+Wade+Bosh, but a team that is built on TEAM FIT rather than star power. The All-Star selections are just a bonus that shows these players CAN lead a team or score but don't need to (and most importantly, most of these players don't need the ball in their hands to be effective). 

    We can only hope the Magic brass can build a team organically and intentionally like the Celtics have. 

    We are right there already..

    Match up wise we are nightmare for the celtics pretty much already...


  10. 37 minutes ago, TreyMachine said:

    Luka is the definition of a great offensive genius who just can't/doesn't even hit average defensively for the NBA. Curry at least tries. The number of times these 3 Finals games Luka has just been caught flat-footed on defensive and gotten blown by is unbelievable. 

    I appreciate the fact that the Magic are betting on great defensive players to become good offensive players. All you have to do is have one or two of those good defensive/athletic guys pop to get a great TEAM. Luka is a great individual offensive talent, but he's not Jordan, Kobe, Lebron or even Ant, Giannis, or even Tatum. Those guys at least play good defensive even if their offensive prowess is slightly below his. 

    Don't get me wrong- I'd take him, but I think Luka's ceiling (and maybe his team's ceiling) is only so high because of how bad he is on defense. 

    Elite rim protecter plus good wing defenders around him and he will be less of a liability. I also feel he is really hurt.. 


    Doncic..Suggs..Wagner.. Banchero..Isaac


  11. 9 hours ago, MagicMan1979 said:

    Boston is about as close to a super team as you will find these days. When they got Holliday in that trade that was what put them over the top (he’s their mvp through two games). Tatum hasn’t even had a good offensive game yet.  This is the most parity I’ve seen in the league in my 40 plus years of watching basketball.  This will be the sixth different champion in a row.  That gives teams like Orlando hope lol


    Hope is putting it mildy. We are the next super team dynasty.. Paolo is 1 of 1 levels ...  im talking literally he is gonna be 1 of the GREATEST basketball players ever... we got ourselves a true basketball genius/savant

  12. 3 hours ago, MagicMan1979 said:

    Jay are you talking about if we don’t sign Franz to his extension this year? I was listening to a Pod Cast and they did mention if we gave Franz a wink that we will sign him next summer.  We then would be able to sign someone next year instead of this year.  It seemed complicated to me. 

    We dont necessarily need to spend the money we have this summer... from what my research tells me... 

    2025 summer free agents have

    Tatum.. Brunson..Mitchell..Markenann..

    Ingram..jammal Murray..Randle..

    Kyrie..Jimmy butler..Derrick white.. Og.. myles tuner.. all unrestricted or player options..

    Cant see tatum leaving Boston but you never know.. him and Paolo are really close.. 

    anyway all speculation 

    What i am confident is Weltman is gonna make us championship contenders as early as this season.. 

    Paolo is literally scratching the surface..

    he is all time great level talent.. 1of1..

    Franz is gonna fix everything.. franz is hall of famer type easily... 

    I really believe we hit the jackpot on those 2 let alone.. Suggs.. AB... i am a HUGE believer in AB and Jett especially... he has serious SERIOUS potential... he already is a sniper... he puts it all together and he gonna be outrageous... AB is gonna be fantastic 

    Weltman is building golden state type of dynasty here... this aint false hope..

    My eyes dont lie.. We are contenders from this coming season for the next 5 to 10 years...  the best time ever in our history is coming 

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