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  1. 14 minutes ago, CTMagicUK said:

    This is not true. That's just a Magic fan. Cole doesn't follow him on twitter. Took me literally seconds to find a tweet of this guy saying Cole could be out of the rotation if he doesn't play well. 

    its a joke CT. Coles best mate is called Bryce though. 

  2. 1 hour ago, J Roc Baby said:

    At this point, trade Bamba and Ross for guys who will come off the bench. Pray to whatever deity it is you worship that the Magic win the Wemby sweepstakes. I hate to say it but with how stupid players are only wanting to go to LA and NY this may be the best play the Magic have.


    If the **FULL** significance of a rebuilt bench + Wemby + cap space hasn't hit you yet, you'll run out of the room screaming when it does. Add another bucket of a free agent (because we're gonna suddenly be so attractive) to Wemby, current roster AND high draft pick the Magic could win as many as 50-60 games as long as coaching is up for it.


    If Mose can't do it we ask what Stan is doing these days. Honest to God I have no beef with him because he got put in a **** situation because of Dwight and the front office going full derp

    mose is the coach 100 percent moving forward 

  3. 1 hour ago, All Eyes On Me said:

    We’re 17-12 in our last 29 with this group. Wemby obviously puts us into a whole nother level, but even without him and looking at 2 potential top 10 picks, man it’s a good time to be a Magic fan 

    i think we cotend as early as next season. this season alone NOBODY wants to see us in the first round.. ABSOLUTELY NOBODY!