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  1. 5 minutes ago, Babir_9 said:

    That’s what I said in my previous post. He can’t play PG. 

    He could but that's not who we want or need him to be...

    AB is the PG so to speak..

    Ideally i think we want ball handling from pretty much 

    1 through 4 aka PG..SG..SF..PF... 

    heck even  Center probably 

    We really are not for off being a championship contender... 

    Having 2 Ball handling do it all 6ft 10 players is fantastic.. We just need patience and experience..

    Won't lie we definitely need to make the playoffs this season its imperative 

  2. 1 hour ago, Babir_9 said:

    We just need an NBA level, stable, experienced all around guards, at least one. We don’t have them. All are limited in smth. One can’t shoot, another  is too small with no IQ, another can’t play PG and etc. it was a mistake not to make a trade at the dead line. We will be eliminated in play in tournament this season.

    what r u on about Suggs is on our team and has improved bigtime. Suggs i gotta see in playoff situation as i believe he os a gamer

  3. Just now, TreyMachine said:

    I'm really curious to know why he was down there and if he'll get any minutes on this team. It feels like maybe he could cut into the ingles minutes? But I'm assuming he'll mostly ride the line with AB at this point and will be used as needed. 

    I see a interview where he said getting fitness up to speed and the defensive schemes etc etc. Plus obvious reps and as much playtime as possible. For me he is definitely a big part of our future.. i hope so anyway coz kid can definitely play ... his shooting stroke is picture perfect.. Time will tell