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  1. J Roc Baby

    2023 Off-Season Thread

  2. J Roc Baby

    2023 Off-Season Thread

    I think the guy has depression like me or something else like that because it's so puzzling to me how a guy can get that far and seemingly not care.
  3. J Roc Baby

    2023 Off-Season Thread

    Looks like Kyrie is gonna pack up and leave Dallas. Pipe dream for Luka is back on the menu boys!
  4. J Roc Baby

    2023 NBA Draft Day Thread

    I'm really "meh" about what we did. The Magic really needed to move into the top 3. I know they won the lottery 2 years ago but their luck is otherwise disastrous save for a once in a lifetime upset back in 1993
  5. J Roc Baby

    2023 Off-Season Thread

    Beal isn't gonna grant a trade here. The Magic are going to have to attract players the hard way.
  6. J Roc Baby

    2022-2023 Draft Thread

    If Judah gets hurt one more time the Magic will have reached sunk cost fallacy. I'm not going to be the least bit surprised if he ends up being traded. The Magic will never take the next step if those they depend on to be their best players are always hurt. Im actually hoping they make a move soon
  7. J Roc Baby

    2022-2023 Draft Thread

  8. J Roc Baby

    2022-2023 Draft Thread

    They tried but Shaq and Dwight wouldn't let them...
  9. J Roc Baby

    2022-2023 Draft Thread

    This is it guys... Just one lucky bounce and the damn nightmare is over
  10. J Roc Baby

    2022-2023 Draft Thread

    Tomorrow.... God willing tomorrow. If lightning strikes twice for the Magic, Wendell will be the backup and it'll be the 3rd time they draft a franchise center at #1
  11. J Roc Baby

    2023 Off-Season Thread

    Lol it probably would but it would be able to outscore whatever defensive problems it has. We just have a few days left to wait. Someone is about to get stupidly lucky. I don't know if karma is actually real or not but Wemby would be fantastic consolation for what Shaq and Dwight did to the Magic
  12. J Roc Baby

    2023 Off-Season Thread

    If you're not going to offer Wagner or Banchero, Fultz is the best piece the Magic have. Doncic is about as close to untouchable as a player gets. I guess you can say the whole point of the post was to express a pipe dream. It's fun to talk about I guess. The whole thing is built on the idea that Doncic loves coach Mose anyway. But realistically right now the pipe dream is 90 possible combinations for the #1 pick and somehow winning it twice in a row like last time. They finally... FINALLY got lucky for once and it's changed the course of the franchise for the better
  13. J Roc Baby

    2023 Off-Season Thread

    Under no circumstances do we trade that pick. I had a dream they won the lottery and it was joked about how they did it back to back in the 90's too. If anything you offer Fultz, Isaac, CHI 1st, 2024 1st and whoever the hell you want for Luka. I am NOT anti-Fultz. I am simply pro Banchero-Wagner-Wembenyama-Doncic They'd be goddamn unstoppable
  14. J Roc Baby

    2023 Off-Season Thread

    Vuc won't be necessary boys. Had a dream we got Wemby
  15. J Roc Baby

    2022-2023 Season Thread

    If we're gonna keep rolling with Mose, see what Dallas wants for Luka once the lottery results are in. Anything but Franz and Paolo should be on the table provided the Magic didn't just win the Wemby sweepstakes