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  1. "Evan Fournier.. one of the great finishers" What's David Steele smoking?
  2. Aaron Gordon who's been balling lately had 5 shots in 36 minutes...
  3. I guess that's it for Mo... Can't blame him if he feels a little frustrated. Ennis' been pretty solid on the second half btw..
  4. So Bamba was playing the best game of his career and Clifford decide to sit him for 1 and a half quarter?
  5. Playing smart basketball and sharing the ball.. Let's enjoy it while it last :)
  6. Vooch missing layups and open shots... If only we'd have a reserve center who's having a great game to put him in.
  7. I didnt feel like watching the game tonight... But it seem it was more of the same for our team... Things are clearily not working
  8. ok, enough basketball for today...
  9. We're missing guys as well, of course they are not on the level of Tatum or Brown but they are important to us
  10. This team is something else...
  11. They are finally are playing like they care right now... hope the bench come out with the same energy
  12. 1/6 from 3.. and somehow Clifford was out there thinking "Ok, clutch time!! Give the ball to Fournier!!"
  13. 7 turnovers for Evan, rest of the team 7
  14. pls stop trying to give the ball to vooch...
  15. Good, with our luck lately i was expecting somehing like "Fultz will be reevaluated in 4-6 weeks".