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  1. 2012 MAGIC Offseason Thread

    Dwights back on twitter...
  2. 2012 MAGIC Offseason Thread

    ultimate tank rotation ish liggins/eyenga harkless/harper nicholson/ayon nikola/oquin
  3. 2012 MAGIC Offseason Thread

    i stopped reading because the damn post didnt make sense
  4. 2012 MAGIC Offseason Thread

    wow. i wasn't saying that at all. Nice Sarcasm
  5. 2012 MAGIC Offseason Thread

  6. 2012 MAGIC Offseason Thread

    He never played them. He didn't even watch them in practice. The great coaches of today play there young talents when necessary(ex. Pop,Rivers). That's what separates him from those coaches. Still a good coach.
  7. 2012 MAGIC Offseason Thread

  8. 2012 MAGIC Offseason Thread

    we were talking about giving them PLAYING TIME, look back. PLEASE STOP POSTING
  9. 2012 MAGIC Offseason Thread

    How long have you watched the NBA? Anybody who has like the Magic since AT LEAST 04 knows the were already well in the rotation when Van Gundy arrived.
  10. 2012 MAGIC Offseason Thread

    I watched he D-League games this year and Liggins really impressed with his new offensive game the last few days of the week. He made a lot of jumpers and even a few 3pointers. Harper shot the ball kind of bad but played good defensive and was clutch in the one of the last games and forced a 2nd overtime with a 3. I'm not sure what to think yet. You guys can't judge them for getting 15 game's of garbage time last season. Harper got minutes twice, vs Utah and vs Memphis(last game). Liggins got minutes maybe 5 times and was pretty impressive in those games.
  11. 2012 MAGIC Offseason Thread

    Just Stop. Wade was the 5th damn pick. He didn't even play Redick the first season he was coach, and hardly the second season. Odom was entering his 5th season when he arrived in Miami and he only played 1 season there. I give you Gortat(even though he really no choice considering Foyle was the only other center on the roster). He didn't even play Lee much at first.
  12. 2012 MAGIC Offseason Thread

    not calling him and idiot, just pointing out he never played are young talent(with the exception of courtney lee). though we haven't really had a good young since lee
  13. 2012 MAGIC Offseason Thread

    He'd take anybody that can shoot 3's
  14. 2012 MAGIC Offseason Thread

    if Stan could have it his way he would trade Harkless,Nicholson,and O'Quin for kyle korver
  15. 2012 MAGIC Offseason Thread

    Think of what Stan would do with all this young talent. He would only play Nelson,Redick,Afflalo,QRich,Hedo,and Baby lol