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  1. The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    It's a good deal for the Magic... It's either this or let Dwight walk. No team is going to mortgage the farm to get Dwight especially any team in a mid-tier market. Options were limited. Houston was done as soon a they got Asik.... The committed to a different plan. We now will have some decent young talent and flexibility. Turkoglu and Harrington will both become vital assets at this years deadline. It's a plan with risk, but doing nothing was riskier.
  2. The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    Again we should be celebrating, Duhon is gone. The only sad people are Orlando's downtown bar owners. Duhon was the worst thing ever to happen to the Orlando Magic.
  3. 2012 MAGIC Offseason Thread

    The problem with trading Howard to Oklahoma City is that OKC would have a big void at SG and PF. OKC is planning to play against Miami and you cant do that without being deep at the 2,3, an 4 positions with or without Howard- Don't forget they just added 2 more shooters to spread the floor If this trade would of happened at the start of free agency, it would have been perfect- OKC could have gone after Crawford, Terry, Allen, or Mayo to fill the SG harden role and would of been able to find a solid PF with the new roster.
  4. The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    Is the Magic's reluctance to hire a coach Dwight Howard related? Is Henny indecisive or strategic, only time will tell
  5. The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    Make these pictures go away.... Good thing no sound bites, it's torture
  6. The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    Weak-minded is an understatement... If any of this stuff about him is true the guy needs to be thrown in jail for a while to toughen up
  7. The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    Or the names Chris Broussard and Steven A Smith
  8. The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    Who here would be excited to rebuild around Bynum? I'm not sold he can be dominating if he received double teams the way Howard does, but I haven't seen him play enough to have a qualified opinion.. Can Bynum be the primary piece in a championship team? If you were to have a fantasy draft and all teams had to start from scratch what pick would he be?
  9. 2012 MAGIC Offseason Thread

    Welcome to my frustrations. There were way to many PGs on the market to pay Nelson anywhere close to what we did. Now that players are starting to sign you are seeing the "Who will sign for less players". I like Nelson but as a backup only and certaintly not that price- hopefully the 3rd year is a small buyout like $1M an then his contract is no big deal as we will have another good expiring deal next year.
  10. The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    Sorry, aded everything in reply- iPhone makes thing difficulty occasionally It makes sense that he needs to grow up and stop being a baby. If his ego is that fragile how does he ever expect to win a championship when all the pressure in the world is on him. I'm finally starting to understand why he can't make free throws in game situations. I got some news for Mr. Howard welcome to the real world. Time to be an adult. Play like one, act like one, and carry yourself like one.
  11. The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    Why can't you, the worst thing that happens is we lose games and aren't we most likely losing without Howard anyways? I love the way people overreact and let the media make decisions
  12. The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    Why does ESPN keep beating the Brooklyn dead horse.... Is it run by the Russian Mafia? Dwight Howard is not going to Brooklyn; nobody in the league is going to come close to sniffing Brook Lopezs contract- its a bad as the one we gave Sugar Rashard- how bout Holligner does a stat analysis on the terrible Lopez deal instead.
  13. The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    Does anyone buy anything from Amway? For the life of me I can't see how that business works, especially since websites like Amazon are out there now. I never like our ownership group and wish someone like Heisley (or Disney related) would have bought us.
  14. The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    What's your twitter name so we can follow!