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  1. Go-Magic

    Forum Connection

    im going to go ahead and unpin the topic, everything seems good to go... if anyone else has issues let us know! Thanks!
  2. Go-Magic

    Forum Connection

    everything points to this being 100% fixed from both sides... be sure if your using the google dns to clear history cashe, cookies, etc... but what brighthouse was seeing and what was there werent exactly the same, let me know if this continues after cache and history and cookies have been deleted... hopefully we can count this as resolved for good... let me know! Thanks!
  3. Go-Magic

    Forum Connection

    so clearly a DNS issue, and it seems to be a matter of how and how often the ISP updates their DNS records. I am opening a line of communication with brighthouse to see if they can clearly see the issue and work on fixing it together. those still having issues please feel free to share details of the problems, it will continue to help fix it. I have looked at the dns from the data center to IP, to the server, to the dns record, to the DNS domain, to the truebluenation.com domain, etc, and its all in place perfectly. But for some reason some users DNS isnt being updated somewhere between us and the ISP... We will get this fixed ASAP.
  4. Go-Magic

    Forum Connection

    also, are any of you accessing it with the link to the old orlandomagiczone.com site? if so it may be part of the DDOS/firewall settings getting forwarded from the old link to this one automatically. if so updating your bookmark with the current link may help resolve it as well. just another thought. Thanks!
  5. Go-Magic

    Forum Connection

    It is neither on our or brighthouse's side technically its in the middle. we should be able to fix it though. is there any different at all in visiting: forum.truebluenation.com vs trubluenation.com/forum ? there probably isnt, but just covering all bases.. and lastly are you coming from a bookmark or typing it in directly each time? if its a bookmark, try typing it in see if that changes anything.. Thanks for all of the input/help!
  6. Go-Magic

    Forum Connection

    We have made some changes to IP strings that are completely blocked, and rebooted the server, post if these things continue after this point, and we will keep digging. Also if it does, post who your ISP is where it is happening. Thanks!
  7. are these problems solved for everyone now? its IP based, which is why some can get on with a proxy, the server essentially never goes down, data center scheduled maintenance. is done 12am-5am, and happens about twice a year, so the more info we get, as someone suggested above, region, Ip address, times it happened it it can be solved, but since no one has posted here since feb, im assuming this isnt really happening much anymore... I feel it was probably due to some growing pains in banning spam accounts and some fan IP's get temporarily caught in the crossfire... but hard to say for sure without further details. Thanks