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  1. KCmagicFAN

    2021 Off-season Discussion Thread

    Wonder if that means Darrell Armstrong will be out there either as a head coach or an assistant. He's been with the Mavericks for a long time.
  2. KCmagicFAN

    2021 Off-season Discussion Thread

    What about hiring Darrell Armstrong as head coach? I know he's been an assistant coach for the Dallas Mavericks for a long time now. I don't know much about his coaching style. He was possibly my favorite all-time Magic player. To have him as a head coach would be really cool.
  3. KCmagicFAN

    2020 Official Playoffs Thread

    Bucks getting bailed out by the officials big time. With a little help from Miami.
  4. KCmagicFAN

    2020 Official Playoffs Thread

    Like I said, the Bucks are trash. They're gonna get bounced in 5 by the Heat. If the Magic were at full strength, they might have bounced them too. It would have at least gone 6 or 7.
  5. Then I'll be wrong that whoever came out of the west didn't slaughter them.
  6. Milwaukee is a garbage team with a physical freak of nature on the roster that gets them wins over bad and average teams. They're this years version of the old Lebron Cavaliers teams that always got wiped out when they eventually had to face a real contender. The Magic are a 33 win team missing 4 key players and they might get 2 wins off of them. If the Bucks make it past Miami, chances are Toronto or Boston will wipe the floor with them. If they somehow get hot and make it to the NBA Finals, whoever comes out of the west will slaughter them.
  7. Now the Bucks just can't miss. Of course.
  8. His shot is the ugliest thing I've seen since Shawn Marion, but it looks ok when it goes in lol
  9. Yep. This lineup is trash. Wait the whole Bucks team is basically trash without Giannis and sometimes Middleton.
  10. Ridiculous. Playin scared. Go up with authority and dunk the thing.
  11. Agreed. This team plays like zombies and they aren't fun to watch at all. At least the "heart and hustle" team was fun and played like there was no tomorrow even in a December regular season game. This is the playoffs. The amazing thing is they won a game lmao.
  12. KCmagicFAN

    2020 Official Playoffs Thread

    I totally agree with you. It's not about tanking and trying to get a higher draft pick. It's doing well with what you got. I'm a KC Chiefs fan and for years our fans wanted the team to tank because they felt the only to a championship was to get that #1 or #2 pick and get a QB. Well they won their division the year before they got Patrick Mahomes. They had to trade up a bit to get him, but they did well with what they had. Their scouts did their jobs well. The Magic can do the same thing. The Utah Jazz had the 24th pick and traded to get Donovan Mitchell, who turned out to be a superstar player.
  13. All he has to do is bull into the lane like a freight train. He's either gonna score or get a call.
  14. Not that I disagree they should play Fultz since he needs the experience and we're gonna lose anyway, but Augustin is the leading scorer today. DJ, Vuc, and Ross look like the only guys who have the ability to put a basketball through a hoop on this team.
  15. They're ejecting them for that? Give me a break. Useless officials all the way around.