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Magic At Kings - Monday, January 13th @ 10:00 PM

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4 hours ago, Magicman28 said:

Unless Fultz becomes more of an outside shooter, we’re going to be this for a few years.

I agree. And while Fultz has become a welcome addition to our team, there are a few things he needs to work on. One is that when he is being guarded real close, he should take a leaf out of Fournier and DJ's playbook.

Fultz tends to dribble low a lot. When the defender is playing him tight, he needs to bring the ball up in a shooting motion so that the defender hits him on the arm, causing a foul.

I use to not like that tactic, but James Harden, Chris Paul and our own Fournier and DJ are successful doing it. (Also, add Kevin Durant to the list.)

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5 hours ago, TrueMagicFan07 said:

Fox blew by Fultz a few times and scored layups.

Fox is exceptionally quick on offense. Fultz is not the only player who has a difficulty staying in front of him

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