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  1. gobucsmagic@yahoo.com

    My email address for the TBN vacancy

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    2. Mauro Pedrosa

      Mauro Pedrosa

      The draft hasn't been scheduled yet, but it will probably be a week from today. The league manager is Skywise (Robert) and he has been a little busy, but I'm sure he'll send you the invitation soon.

    3. Mauro Pedrosa

      Mauro Pedrosa

      Welcome to the league, man! Sky asks you to stay active throughout the entire season, and make sure to select your 3 keepers before Oct. 10 ;)

    4. Mauro Pedrosa

      Mauro Pedrosa

      Hey there bro! Right now the draft is set for Saturday Oct 14th at 8 PM Eastern Time

      The date isn't set in stone yet so you can still give us some feedback