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  1. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Damn I miss Oladipo
  2. Magic vs Knicks

    You must be a troll or just started watching the Magic this week. Even Dante said during the OKC game that it was the first time since we went on our long losing streak that players were supporting each other in the huddle and congratulating each other on good plays which clearly shows a lack of team unity.
  3. Magic vs Knicks

    Back to my Vuc comment, if you watched the interview with him after the game there was anotherr example of his poor attitude. Simmons came over to try and joke with him and Vuc just ignored him and kept going on with the interview. It's stuff like this that creates bad vibes in the locker room.
  4. Magic vs Knicks

    I'm not a hater, if you watch how he reacts to his teammates when they don't pass him the ball or how he storms off of the court when he gets subbed out. He just has a very ME attitude.
  5. Magic vs Knicks

    Vuc currently has 20 points and while that's great and all just wanted to say that he has such a cancerous attitude.
  6. Magic vs Warriors

    Vuc has no pride on the defensive end at all.
  7. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Next step is taking out Fournier for Issac
  8. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Trade Vuc and Trade Fournier and I think a lot of our problems go away. Imagine if you could replace those two for Whiteside and Josh Richardson or Waiters we would be so much of a better team. Vuc and Fournier while they can score just do not fit with this team.
  9. Magic @ Celtics Game Thread

    You can't say Mario is a bust. Look at AG who is just now starting to come into his own as a player and he's been playing consistent minutes the last couple of seasons. What is sickening is that these last couple of years have been development years for all of our of our young guys except for Mario. Nobody here knows what he is or isn't as a player. Who would have thought that Harkless would be a starter right now.
  10. Magic @ Celtics Game Thread

    Is it possible? Sure, but by us not picking up his option he can go wherever he wants and i'm sure him and his agent are ready to bolt.
  11. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    This is not likely but when everyone is healthy I think our starting line up should be EP, Ross, Mario, AG, VUC. 2nd unit DJ, Fournier, Simmons, Isaac, Byombo. That line up gives offensive and defensive balance to both units.
  12. Magic @ Celtics Game Thread

    Of course Mario only plays well in garbage time, that's the only time he gets on the court. I just don't get why everyone else is allowed to commit turnovers, play bad defense, not hustle, brick shots, get beaten one on one etc and Mario is not allowed to play through his mistakes.
  13. Magic @ Celtics Game Thread

    I feel really bad for Mario. How is that all of the rest of the players can shoot and miss as much as they want and clearly not play good defense and they get to keep playing, I mean seriously how many shots has AA bricked. Even Speights who I like can miss a lot of 3 pointers in a row and still have the green light to keep shooting and he eventually gets hot. Mario played well when he came in but I'm sure it will go unrewarded from Vogel.
  14. Magic @ Wolves

    I say we trade VUC and get Deandre Jordan over here. Deandre can't score as good as VUC but he's a great rim protector and would fit in great with the running style we want to play
  15. Magic Lace Up for the Pacers

    I'm not the biggest Payton supporter or hater but from what I've seen from EP is that his biggest problem is that he does not have that hustle balls to the wall mentality that players like AG and Russ have and if you're not a great shooter than you have to be able to possess constant energy and movement on the offensive and defensive end. This can be fixed by EP. In my opinion the biggest problem with our team is VUC, I've never seen a player that just doesn't care like he does.