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  1. I think we can add Jarred Vanderbilt to the list with THT, or guys we drafted that could of been solid rotation pieces for us, but we traded them for nothing.

    Vanderbilt registered 11 points (4-5 FG, 3-7 FT), five rebounds, two assists, three steals and two blocks across 23 minutes in Tuesday's loss at Denver


    The kid is only 21 years old and been in the league three year. I was kind of excited we drafted him that year, only for us to trade him for that kid from Maryland. 

    Say what you want about Calipari, those Kentucky kids come into the league prepare for their opportunity.

  2. 12 minutes ago, CTMagicUK said:

    There's a bunch of young guys who's team options are getting declined I wonder if we've got our eyes on taking a flier on any of them.

    I think Damyean Dotson, Glenn Robinson III, Moe Harkless, Rodney Hood and James Ennis will be the wings we target on Friday. Dotson is my favorite of the bunch. He's cheap and reminds me of Danuel House.

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    Elfrid Payton, Kenny Wooten will be waived & NYK, as expected, won’t exercise Bobby Portis’ option, sources confirm. Some mutual interest in Portis’ return, per sources. Also, no qualifying offer for Damyean Dotson. NYK has planned to keep Reggie Bullock. Newsday first reported.


    Dotson would be a solid addition in a 3-and-D role. Will have a lot of suitor on the market, but I feel he'd be a good fit for us. Reminds me of a poor man's Danuel House.

  4. 2 hours ago, hootie249 said:

       Wow look at the unrestricted list. A whole bunch of players are going to be out of jobs as teams start copying MLB. Veterans have always been coveted because the youngsters are so raw these days.However, in this analytical age i suspect many of the players will be unsigned while teams go small and use younger players.Cheaper players who have even a little upside will be signed while the lesser teams decide not to compete against the super teams. Watch it happen.This is the year teams show hesitation after the 2016 player salary spike. So many of those contracts were complete busts. 

       I also believe Evan will opt in and the team will run it back next year.After that all bets are off because the year after that the magic will have a window to resign Isaac and Fultz. it won't be as bad as we think  because both Gordon's and Vucevics contracts shrink.However, Ross,Aminu and Evan if he resigns will be involved in trade rumors all season, with Gordon right behind them.

    I highly doubt Evan will opt in, especially when this will most likely be his last shot to get paid. Plus he's having the best season of his career. He should get anywhere from $15-$18 million per year on the market this summer.