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  1. A number of years ago the wife and I were house hunting, and we found the perfect one in a great neighborhood. Unfortunately, it was the only one in the neighborhood for sale, so it was priced above market. We decided we’d rather spend another year renting before paying more than the house was worth.


    The following year, the house was still available, but the price had dropped substantially since a number of homes were now for sale in that neighborhood. We saved thousands of dollars by waiting for the right time to invest our money.


    Cool story, but there's only one problem with your analogy. The average starting salary for competent NBA players is going up, not down.

  2. He really wanted Vonleh? Yuck.


    In fairness to him, there were quite a few people on here that wanted Vonleh. I personally wasn't one of them because i knew almost nothing about him other than what was said on here but a LOT of people here thought he was the best power forward option out of the Vonleh/Randle/Gordon trio. Also, if Catman did want Vonleh the most, and I can't recall if that's the case or not, he definitely wasn't upset with the Gordon pick. I remember that for certain.

  3. Dwight's game is regressing. I wouldn't trade Dwight straight up with Vuc at this point. I want the Magic to SUCCEED with Dwight looking from the OUTSIDE. Call me mean, call me bitter. Dwight is NEVER welcome back to Orlando again. We lost a really good coach because of him. And he shows no sign of maturing. He never takes accountability for his own shortcomings. He will be a cancer to any team he plays for. And he's weak mentally.


    It's so rare that I agree with you on anything. This is definitely one of those times.

  4. And it's easy to see why we didn't match up well with the Celtics. There are 3 reasons:


    3) Carter absolutely sucked at chasing Allen around screens.

    2) Pierce always torched us.

    1) This is the biggest one, Dwight could never consistently score on Perkins one on one.


    That series had me all kind of worried before it started. I never liked our chances.

  5. Zach Lowe talked to Stan today. There's a good rant about how everyone was way too negative about the rashard Lewis signing.


    I think he has some good points but he underrates the internal improvements of Howard as the main reason for the teams success. The Dwight from the finals team was infinitely better than the Dwight from the 40 win Brian Hill team.

  6. Oscar being a PG/SG makes it almost impossible for him to make a starting five, with Magic and Jordan; but I have to say the point about Magic being Aaron's favorite player and not making his starting five is kind of bizarre. I mean his starting five is really ridiculous.


    Kareem at center - okay, not my choice, but certainly an argument can be made for the leading scorer of all time.

    Shaq at the PF - huh, I am not sure he ever played PF in his entire career; maybe a few games his rookie season?

    Jordan at the SF - really, how do you move him, to make way for

    Kobe at the SG - moving #23 to play out of position??

    Lebron at the PG - really??


    Individually all great players, but I don't think it is a starting five/team.


    He probably wasn't trying to build a championship roster. He likely just named off 5 players he really liked and didn't give it a lot of thought. I am surprised Kareem made is list though. Not that Kareem isn't deserving, he's a top 5 center easily, but I'm 15 years older than Gordon and I only saw a couple of games where Kareem was only running on fumes.

  7. Do you really need to see him play? Only player in league history to average a triple-double for an entire season.


    Not to diminish the accomplishment but the stats from that era were very inflated due to the style of play. I also don't think it's unreasonable for someone to want to see the player play before they put them on their personal top 5 list. Particularly when the guy Robertson would be replacing, Bird, is someone that makes most people's top 5 list.

  8. Not trying to start an argument...Exum gets bashed here a lot and deservedly so...just think when it's all said and done it could be a pick Henny regrets if he is still here next season.


    Then again, Gordon and Exum both could turn out to be nice players.


    It's a situation that bears watching and I certainly plan on it.


    GO MAGIC !!!


    As long as you don't pretend that you were in favor of drafting Exum at any point. You wanted the Magic to take your boy Randle and you did your little article trolling routine for several months leading up to the draft when it looked like we would take Exum. You even said you would have preferred for us to take Smart.

  9. there is more to rim protection than just shot blocking, favors held opponents to 43% at the rim


    What Payton said. I know this is difficult for you but you should try to focus your limited attention span towards re-reading that post and try this time to actually comprehend what he is saying instead of automatically dismissing it.

  10. what a ridiculous homer post

    obviously you know better than NBA front offices, who covet rim protectors, i'm surprised you haven't been hired to show them your innovation.


    How can a point that's 95% math be a homer post? Serious question. He didn't even address anyone specifically on the Magic. He said shot blocking in general is an overrated stat.

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  11. I was only referring to your Michael Redd comment so once again you must've misunderstood what I said. You said Michael Redd would be through the moon when I never said he'd be like Michael Redd


    Do I seriously need to quote your original comments from the first page to remind you what you said? It seems like I do.