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    Can I buy tickets at Amway Box Office?

    Thanks. This is very helpful. Looks like I will have to swallow my pride with TM. $37 in fees for $170 worth of tickets.
  2. I am travelling in Florida with my family in March. There are 5 of us and we were hoping to catch the Magic v Suns game on March 24th. I know I can get tickets on Ticketmaster, but I hate giving Ticketmaster $40-$50 in fees. I read on the Amway Center website that they have a box office, and that its open before events. No offence to Magic fans, but looking at their current form, and the form of the Suns, this game doesn't look like it will have much riding on it, and as such I would be surprised if there was a lot of demand for tickets. From that point of view, would I be OK to get 5 tickets together on the day at the box office? I don't really care where they are. We're just looking for the experience rather than to get up close and personal with the players.