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  1. blow.it.up.

    Your right, my bad. But still when we had him, we were a good team. Meaning, we need some players that are not afraid to show emotion. Be vocal. play hard.
  2. blow.it.up.

    To be honest. Frank is right Magic are not touch enough. It always has been that way. Magic always go for players that are not controversial or so call "Bad boys".. Which is funny to me because, last time we went to the finals we had Matt Barnes and Rafer Alston (skip to my lue). Howard felt them 2 had his bad or at least the interest of the league.. I still laugh when Skip smack Eddie house in the back of the head... My point is we need Player that have the heart and hustle. I don't see that in this team at all. EP plays scared, he doesn't have a shot, so opponent play off of him to help on a double team. AG and Evan are a streaky players, when they are hot they are hot and keep giving them the ball. Nick Vucevic plays soft and he lets himself get pushed around. Yes, he has game and he let his game speak for him. but That is not enough. The Magic players let the opponents get in their heads and they bow down to the competition. I don't like that. I can see mid way the 3rd qtr in almost every game, is when they start to quit on themselves. Please don't ask for people to get hurt to shut them down. At the end of the day it's basketball and there is no ill will on no one. Us as fan we should ask for more from them, yes. but it should be heart and hustle. I can live with that, even if we loss. I can't deal with giving up. Yes I can understand these guys had 3 different coaches within 3 yrs. but this is year 2 for frank and I expected improvement. I can't put the blame on the coaches anymore. Now I just wonder why Scott Skiles really left. This is my 1st thread in many years, I even forgot my old user name.. But I hope it's not my last and could look for a better future in the magic.