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  1. You're Fat, Pat!

    History of the Magic through my old edits and signatures

    I do not. :( Your MS masterpieces were 100x better than anything I ever created! :) Likewise! I should come around here more often!
  2. Hi, everyone! I'm "You're Fat, Pat!" (YFP for short). I used to eat, sleep, and drink this message board many moons ago. It was a huge part of my life and, as silly as it may sound to some, had grown to be like an additional family. We were, at one point, relatively small in number yet massive in our collective fanhood and we had a really great time! But, life eventually got in the way and my presence here and on other forums/sites dwindled. So, why am I here? Well, today I was led to my old Photobucket account. When I opened it, I was bombarded with all of these wacky old edits and signatures from my time on this board. In a lot of ways, it kinda tells the story of the Magic from about 2006-2010. I thought it would be kinda fun to share it with you. To any of the O.G.'s still perusing the site, I hope you all are doing well. To those who I do not know, thanks for being awesome, dedicated Magic fans. We will ascend into greatness again some day! :) - My very first signature on this site. Produced it in the 2006-2007 season prior to Vince Carter's 2007 free agency. Little did we all know that he actually WOULD join the team in 2010! - Instead, we signed this guy in 2007 and I welcomed him with my signature. - I thought this group would be the team that would lead us to glory...four out of five ain't bad! - I think this was after Dwight signed his first extension? I don't know. It's awful though...haha! - This was a big one...once upon a time, there was a very real possibility that the Magic would move away from Orlando if we didn't get a new arena (now the Amway Center). I'll never forget the relief that went through my body when the vote passed! - Some of the guys in this post were a joke, some were serious...but man, I genuinely thought we would win one with D12. :( - *shrugs* - One of my favorite players ever...Trevor Ariza! - Once upon a time, there was an article from Polish media about Marcin Gortat. When we translated it to English, we were referred to as the Orlando Warlocks. - Jameer and Turk went through a rough shooting stretch...hah. - Man, we loved Dwight once upon a time... - *shrugs again* - We got a little hostile during our showdown with Toronto during the 2008 playoffs... ;) - Fast forward to the 2009 playoffs... - Trophy for the Cavs... - After the Finals loss... - Then 2010... - Signature before each round... That's all I've got. Hard to believe this was 8-12 years ago! Hope this trip down memory lane was either educational or entertaining. And if I broke any rules by posting too many images, I apologize to the mods. :) Cheers, all. Go Magic.
  3. You're Fat, Pat!

    Men In Blue Podcast update!

    Hi, all! It's been a fun start to the season, but I know our guys are definitely enjoying these couple days of rest. While we wait for Magic basketball to return on Wednesday, we wanted to give you an update on our show! Our latest episode dropped today and we did things a little differently than our previous shows. We wanted to mix it up and try something different, so please give it a listen and let us know your thoughts! Also, we're pleased to announce that we are now on Stitcher! So, if you're an avid Stitcher user, you can now find us over there. Here's the link: http://www.stitcher.com/s?fid=77157&refid=stpr And, of course, you can find us on iTunes, Podbean, and most other podcast apps. iTunes: http://t.co/JyTjQLRaee PodBean: http://t.co/NoRrXmjBqc Thanks again for listening and for your feedback! Go Magic.
  4. You're Fat, Pat!

    Men In Blue Orlando Magic Preview!

    Hi, all! Merry Magic Christmas Eve! Okay, but seriously, I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve with the Magic season tipping off tomorrow. I bet you do too! Anyway, to get you pumped for the opening tip, check out our Magic 2015-16 preview podcast. There was so much to discuss that we broke it into two parts! Part I recaps the preseason and gives the season outlook for our role players. Part II projects the season for our core guys (including the results from our fan survey from last week!), making our NBA predictions, and (of course) our Magic prediction: Playoffs? No playoffs? Find out in episode nine! This is our last massive preview show for the offseason. Beginning this week (after the opening tip), our shows will be much more concise as we touch on each and every Magic game, Magic topics, and big news from around the NBA. We hope you stay tuned as we've got tons of exciting things coming your way in what will be a fun 2015-16 season! iTunes: http://t.co/JyTjQLRaee PodBean: http://t.co/NoRrXmjBqc Twitter: @meninbluepod Facebook.com/meninbluepod
  5. You're Fat, Pat!

    Magic Fan Survey!

    Hi, all! I know we're all super excited that the season tips off in a week...can't wait! In the meantime, we from the Men In Blue Podcast are surveying Magic fans for our upcoming Magic preview/projection/prediction show. Even if you don't listen to the show, but consider yourself a massive Magic fan, we want to hear your opinions! Here's the survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/12bnCV22jfuZpM9fRz4EoiJhCpjzIfJJ60PzUjKc7L3Y/viewform?edit_requested=true And, of course, here's our show if you're not already a listener! iTunes: http://t.co/JyTjQLRaee PodBean: http://t.co/NoRrXmjBqc Thanks!
  6. You're Fat, Pat!

    Take a listen to an all-new Orlando Magic podcast!

    ICYMI, a new episode dropped on Monday! Recapping over last week's three preseason contests (vs. Miami, Indiana, Houston), beginning our Eastern Conference projections, and even talk about Matt Barnes vs. Derek Fisher. iTunes: http://t.co/JyTjQLRaee PodBean: http://t.co/NoRrXmjBqc If you like what you hear, subscribe to us on your favorite podcast app and get new episodes the moment they're uploaded. Also, let other Magic fans know about the show! We've got lots of great plans for the season and with it tipping off in just two weeks, now's the time to hop aboard! Anyway, thanks again for listening.
  7. You're Fat, Pat!

    Take a listen to an all-new Orlando Magic podcast!

    Yep! We'll be twice a week once the season starts. So each episode should include a recap of the past 1-3 games as well as previews of the next 1-3 games, depending on the team's schedule each week! Thanks for listening!
  8. You're Fat, Pat!

    Take a listen to an all-new Orlando Magic podcast!

    Thanks to all who listen and thanks to those who give us feedback and ideas...we love it! Can't wait for the season to start. New episode out today! Looking at the Magic's first preseason game, projecting our West top eight, and looking ahead to this week in Magic basketball...take a listen! iTunes: http://t.co/JyTjQLRaee PodBean: http://t.co/NoRrXmjBqc
  9. You're Fat, Pat!

    Take a listen to an all-new Orlando Magic podcast!

    A new episode on this Monday morning! We talk Magic media day, give a preview of half of the Western Conference, and talk Magic training camp! The best part: In our next episode, we'll finally be able to talk about some real-life Magic basketball! With the preseason tipping off on Saturday, our episode in a week's time will have plenty to discuss on the first preseason game. In the meantime, check out today's episode! iTunes: http://t.co/JyTjQLRaee PodBean: http://t.co/NoRrXmjBqc
  10. You're Fat, Pat!

    Take a listen to an all-new Orlando Magic podcast!

    Thanks for the reply! We've checked out your site...very cool! Looking forward to seeing it expand! And thanks for the feedback. We're obviously very early in our podcasting days, so we're working hard to improve with each episode. We're beyond excited for the season to tip off so we can talk some Magic basketball! Thanks for listening! Hah, oh my! Well, as Prophyt pointed out, you can always find us on our host site (PodBean) or any other podcast feed site or app. Lastly, if you need something to pass the time at work on this Tuesday or maybe something to listen to on the commute home, we dropped a new episode this past weekend! It's another blast from the past and we hope you enjoy it. As always, your feedback is much appreciated. Thanks for listening! iTunes: http://t.co/JyTjQLRaee PodBean: http://t.co/NoRrXmjBqc
  11. You're Fat, Pat!

    Take a listen to an all-new Orlando Magic podcast!

    In our newest two-part episode, we profile some of the Magic's core guys as well as our newcomers (including Scott Skiles)...give us a listen! iTunes link: http://t.co/JyTjQLRaee Podbean: http://meninbluepodcast.podbean.com I know that there has to be AT LEAST one person on these boards who's listening to the show. Any thoughts? We're really trying to dig for feedback. We want this show to be exactly what Magic fans want it to be, so any tips, suggestions, ideas, or even criticisms are beyond welcomed. Please let me know. Thanks, guys and gals!
  12. You're Fat, Pat!

    Take a listen to an all-new Orlando Magic podcast!

    We put out another episode this week! In this one, we take a look at some big moments in Magic history and ask "What if?" What if these thing had gone differently??? Take a listen! Let me know if we missed any big "What if" moments. And as always, if you have any tips or suggestions for us, let me know here or on our twitter @meninbluepod. iTunes: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/men-in-blue-podcast/id1027790312?mt=2 PodBean: http://meninbluepodcast.podbean.com/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChLTB9OK9X-p3672NAqBHpg
  13. Okay, some of you have already written this off as spam or advertising, etc. I get it! Honestly, it kind of is. :shard: But for those of you who like the Magic and like podcasts, I've got something for ya. My friend and I started a new podcast called the Men In Blue! It's a podcast by Magic fans, for Magic fans. We released our first episode yesterday. As with a first go-round of anything, it has its flaws, but we've already learned from it and will do better next time. All I ask: Give us a listen! Here's an iTunes link: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/men-in-blue-podcast/id1027790312?mt=2 Not only give us a listen, give us feedback! Again, we're new to this and would love to hear from our audience on ways we can improve and maybe what you'd like to hear in the show. You can contact me on here or find us on twitter @meninbluepod. In addition to many season preview shows from now until tip off, we're looking forward to putting out shows twice a week through the entire season. I hope you'll join us! - YFP!
  14. You're Fat, Pat!

    2015-2016 Schedule Thread

    No, some teams have 20. We have 19...so just barely. :)
  15. You're Fat, Pat!

    2015-2016 Schedule Thread

    Yep...January 14th!