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    This may have already been posted (I know Jay has been posting a bunch of cool stuff about Suggs and Franz) but I just watched it and Im just so hyped to see how Franz develops. It's just so obvious that he understands the game. And he's obviously someone who knows the game plan his coaches lay out, multiple times in the video he alludes to game plans for games that happened months before. Kind of made me think of Shane Battier.
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    I think he means his brother Moe Wagner which in that case he can play the 4 or 5. Franz can play 3 or 4 and maybe the 5 later on in his career when he fills out a bit more.
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    Trying to think about who we could take on with the TPE. Satoransky maybe? Bulls need to clear space for a big offer sheet to Lonzo Ball.
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    Shane is actually a great comparison when discussing a smart student of the game. Also, CT’s right more than he’s wrong - don’t mess!
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    MP i really feel a massive change in energy and direction for us finally!! Hope you are more than good my boy
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    Just watch Suggs, Wagner, and coach interview, usually you feel dumber after listening to some basketball players speak....but man these guys are articulate and smart; they bring a sense of true under of the game. Loving it right now with all the changes.
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    https://hashtagbasketball.com/nba-draft/content/scouting-report-film-review-franz-wagner Excellent review on Wagner Really worth a read. Wagner is special
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    Let's blow the roof off this place. If he really grew two inches over the summer i'm going to call him the next Dirk Nowitzski.