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    We need Cole's mom at every game!
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    This is very true, and unfortunately winning doesn’t even fix it. The Rays, the Bucs and the Lightning are are central Florida championship caliber teams and there’s still games in their house where they stand no chance if it’s against a transplant city fanbase. You’re also right that the fact we haven’t had anything legitimate to cheer for in over a decade makes it worse.
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    My one good thing from tonight: Cole freaking Anthony! 16 REBOUNDS! From your starting point guard! And we needed everyone. Great effort by Cole across the board tonight.
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    And to an extent these are things you can do night in and night out. Everyone will have bad shooting nights at some point (see Franz and Bamba tonight,) but there’s more that factors into team success.
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    Good win. Will do the youngsters the world of good to go through a close game and get a win.
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    Good to see them keep their heads up and bring it back close again
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    I’m gonna try something to help me get through the season. I’m going to say one optimistic thing about every game. Tonight’s thing: Franz looks like he’s gonna be an NBA player
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    Someday my dream will come true and they will get rid of Jeff Turner. I can't stand listening to his lukewarm and irrelevant mutterings.