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So, after the trades, these are the players that left

- Nikola Vucevic was 4th all time in games played (591), 9th in minutes (13,714), 1st (LEADER) in field goals made (4,490), 1st (LEADER) in field goals attempts (9,003), 7th in free throws attempts (1,389), 3rd in points made (10,423), 2nd in total rebounds (6,381), 8th in assists (1,668), 6th in steals (537), 3rd in blocks (550), 7th in turnovers (1,080), 3rd in personal fouls (1,475), and 6th in field goal percentage (49,9%).

- Evan Fournier was 9th all time in games played (435), 4th in minutes (18,791), 8th in field goals made (2,530), 8th in field goals attempts (5,603), 3rd in 3pt field goals made (895), 3rd in 3pt field goals attempted (2,382), 9th in free throws made (1,094), 8th in free throws attempts (1,348), 8th in points made (7,049), 10th in assists (1,299), 10th in turnovers (784) and 8th in personal fouls (1,089)

- Aaron Gordon was 10th all time in games played (428) and 10th in 3pt field goals attempted (1,495)

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