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  1. 6 minutes ago, All Eyes On Me said:

    Yeah, it’s there version of franchise mode or dynasty mode or whatever they’ve called it before in other games like Madden. Start today allows you to take over the season from today’s date with current stats and record. They also have a my nba “eras” which gives you a handful of different basketball generations you can start a dynasty from, like the year before Shaq gets drafted or when Jordan is a rookie, stuff like that. Pretty cool

    Yeah I think that’s the same. I never cared for anything else. Just make trades and play each seasons etc. That MYplayer wasn’t for me.

    How’s the on court gameplay? That’s my other biggest buying point. Played I think 2020 version and it was crap to me.

  2. 11 hours ago, All Eyes On Me said:

    I just bought it a couple days ago cause it’s on a huge sale, $20 for the next few days. I’ve played a few times. I love that they brought back “start today” in the my nba mode. Game is harder than I’d like but it’s probably more cause I have a toddler and can’t actually game like I used to. But for $20 it’s well worth the purchase imo

    Start today?

    Is my NBA mode where you play as a General manager every season?

  3. lol this is nuts. I’ve never seen such a thing as a fan in my existence. Well scratch that, maybe Travis Diener comes close.

    Look, his name could be Bill, Mike, whatever. He’s attempted 5…FIVE… threes since October. Our offense has been at times dead last for more than one season and he’s one of the culprits as to why.

    Love the guy’s ethic. Was thrilled we traded Simmons for him so he can have a chance. I would even be good with him as a backup on a cheap deal.The fact remains, we need more from that PG spot than 5 three’s in a 4 month span ON TOP of missing 10-20 games a season. Period.

    If we want to build around Paolo, who’s my choice over Kelle every day of the week twice on Sunday’s, and Franz and Suggs, we simply need more. End of story. It’s not personal. It’s facts.

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  4. 6 hours ago, CTMagicUK said:

    I've thought about this and I've got to say, though I'd have made a trade I think that's pretty clear, I admire Jeff Weltman for having the stones to just stick with this roster and living with the result. People might say that he doesn't take risks or whatever but it takes a tremendous amount of nerve to look at all the teams around us making moves and say "There are no deals out there that we like. We're good."

    Issue is he’s failed to address the glaring issues over the course of his tenure. He constantly wastes good opportunities to cash in at the right time with assets. Instead either resigning them after their value tanks or just letting them walk or trade them for cash.

    Only thing I hope, and it’s the very last thing I’m holding onto, is that by talking to ATL, he got a sense they will trade Trae Young and told them, let’s see how this season plays out and I’ll ttyl in the off season. However without those expirings, a deal is a lot harder to make. Which proves my point in paragraph above.



  5. 2 hours ago, Jay Magic said:

    So u saying AB is Suggs??? 

    And that's the holy grail? hahaha behave 

    I see things for what they are in my view

    you see things in your view..

    Saying Ab is Suggs in your view tells me your view on evaluating that situation is completely off course hahahaha

    Right now? I see him Suggs like. A defensive minded guard that can make connective passes but needs to work on shot and handles. 

  6. 5 minutes ago, Jay Magic said:

    AB was highly touted and wanted by the teams behind us. Kids gonna be legit very very good. There was another x amount of players to draft.. 

    We went with BEST AVAILABLE as we damn should do

    Right behind us. Not in front of us.

    Personally, I see a taller Suggs. I don’t see a lead point guard.

  7. 1 minute ago, Jay Magic said:

    Isaac is a generational best of all time type of defender. I'm more than fine with having patience with him for next season too and beyond..

    Fultz situation is unfortunate and different if we move on from Markelle so be it.

    Sounds like you’re on what I’m on then.

    Shouldn’t be if. Should be when which is now. If we want to keep him as a backup ok but we need a starting PG.

  8. Just now, harryfromphilly said:

    murray maybe, not trae ... there is something to be said for chemistry, and from all reports, Trae is not a guy to build chemistry with

    Yeah I’ve read that. Maybe a change of scenery. A change of coaching. Sometimes stuff like that can propel talent to a higher level.

    Point is, we need talent and dependability at the PG spot. Something that’s been lacking for some time and continues to do so. 

  9. 1 minute ago, harryfromphilly said:

    I agree with all of the above. I think Fultz is a good team guy. If he would be happy coming off the bench I say keep him and get a new starting PG.

    You said yourself that we have no back up. Make Fultz the back up.

    If I’m the Magic I’m going hard at Murray. Or even Trae. I know he’s probably untouchable but you got to go get it if you want it.

  10. Team needs a PG desperately and I don’t mean stop gaps.

    It’s been this way for years and it continues to be the elephant in the room.

    Fultz doesn’t fit nor is he dependable.

    Suggs is not a PG.

    Black is not a PG.

    Cole is not a PG.

    Get a good PG who can shoot, handle the ball, make plays and it all will fall into place.