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    I'm so glad Paolo is in these buildings watching the finals and what he said about Joker making the right basketball play every time down really fills me with hope. I was watching some of his highlights yesterday and while it's undeniable he's got the bag to be a great scorer, I think he's a better passer than he showed at times last season. So often on those highlights he's got guys draped all over him and he makes a tough layup or a tough jumper which is awesome for the highlight reel but on most of those he's also got a team mate wide open that he's missing (and not just bad shooters but guys like Cole, Gary Harris, Franz). In year two if he can just take what the defense is giving a little more I think he could up his assists considerably while also improving his efficiency by not forcing so much. And then the threat of the pass can open up easier scoring opportunities also because teams will hesitate to double him.