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    The future of this current roster has always been tied to player development. If one or two of our guys pop, we’re golden. If not, whelp we’re stuck in the mud. I’m personally excited to see Fultz, Wagner, Banchero and WCJ this coming year. If Suggs, Anthony or Isaac bring something, too, awesome. Our cupboard is full of youngsters who need minutes and growth. Last thing: thank goodness we didn’t sign Fournier or AG to new deals, and I still believe we embarrassed Chicago with that Vooch trade.
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    Love your optimism, but it seems disingenuous or just blind faith. At some point WeHam should give the fans something other than just resigning players who did nothing to win games the previous season. And making draft picks. And don’t even bring up the vooch Evan and ag trades. Management rode that train as long as they possibly could, knowing it was going nowhere.
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    I got the Celtics… now I’m sad and have to go hug myself in the shower
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    That's what i got! My man!
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    Weltman doing nothing as usual. Just phoning it in as usual. He make no big moves to win. He just rides that train. He has the balls of a hamster. And bringing back Bamba almost made me puke, but should expect it from this nothing burger of a management team. let the downvotes begin!