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    Satellite television in Florida is a level of uncertainty I'm not prepared for. Don't know how some of you guys do it
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    With it being Friday, and with the weather we are expecting to get this afternoon traveling in central florida is probably gonna really suck more than usual. If you are going to the game, or a watch party, please be careful and safe on the roads. Better to be late and alive then rush and get yourself involved in something that is gonna ruin your day. Go Magic!!
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    Between the 2 I'd over pay TRoss. He turned a lot of games for us. Behind Vuc we have Birch and Bamba. Behind TRoss we have nobody that can do what he does so well.
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    Our backs are against the wall. It's time we step up and hit them in the mouth like they did us the last game. We need to lay it on the line, give it everything we got, and impose our will. Our time is now.
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    If you know you know... Our good luck charm
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    I stilI think we should trade the pick with Fournier to get a go-to-scorer. Maybe Washington would listen to a offer for Beal or the Bulls for LaVine. We also shouldn‘t overpay for Vuc. If he wants more than 15mil we should sign another free agent (Brook Lopez, Valanciunas, Kanter, McGee, Robin Lopez, Ed Davis...) There are enough options available. Same with Ross. I would hate to lose him. But if the price is more than 12mil we should pass. With Redick, Danny Green, Hood, Lamb... there are also some other options available.
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    I like THT because he's good at a lot of stuff. And you don't usually see 6'4 235 pound shooting guards with a 7'1 wingspan and point guard skills. I want to see what that becomes. If you told me he lost 20 pounds preparing for the draft and improved his shot I'd take him 6th.
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    I think the Lakers should give him big long term money and brag about how they stole another all star center from us