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    No sooner do we write off Mo in this forum and then he does this
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    Lowe was actually expecting more than the classic 3&D at the start of the season, and in the last article suggest that other priorities (vd Cole, Wagner) has taken away props from him. https://www.espn.com/nba/insider/insider/story/_/id/32420384/lowe-five-most-intriguing-players-nba-season
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    I’m 100% with you. Mo Wagner is still young and has plenty of upside. My gut says he’ll be here longer than the other Mo.
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    I agree. What's the harm in giving Mo Wagner more time on the floor? He might be better than we think, and even if he isn't, obviously Lopez isn't the future. I had the same question about Gravett. Are the Magic afraid some of these guys will turn out to be as good as some of the players we're playing now and therefore they'll have difficult personnel decisions? Why are we giving Hampton time at PG instead of Gravett? BTW, Mo Wagner had the best +/- on the team last night at +12. All the starters and Bamba were in the negative double digits.
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    As someone else said about Chuma, he’s meant to be a 3 and D power forward. Given that he’s in year two and playing on a team that’s a mess of a roster right now, we can afford to be patient with him. Bamba, meanwhile, is in year four and still can’t consistently make a positive impact. It’s time we move on, imho.