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    It's a process dude. Let's take baby steps. While I am no fan of making the playoffs with a losing record just getting there will do wonders for this team. At this point I don't care how we get to the playoffs we just need to make it happen. On another note I intentionally avoided this thread so I wouldn't freak out. We lost one we should have won and now we have to win one we should lose. Big deal. On to the next!
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    We had a foul to give in the last 6.3 and had several good opportunities to take 3+ seconds off the clock and make them inbound again. For some reason, we didn’t do it.
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    In some ways AG reminds me of Mario Hezonja (sp?) when he makes these dumb mistakes.
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    Wow Gordon just wow. Absolutely patheticaly embarrassing play by you.
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    If the Magic hit their ft's this game is already over. Now it is going to cost them. You just know it is.
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    True story, blood on an AG headband and an island laboratory is how Aaron Judge was created.
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    On the bench. He usually doesn't come back in until the 4 minute mark
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    Stop all this dribbling. We need to pass the ball more.
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    I wanted that lead. I smelled that lead. And we will have that lead at halftime.
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    Bulls playing way to hard, someone should have given them Disney passes.
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    Fournier got some sun during the break. Hopefully his Kryptonian genes are enriched by the rays of Earth’s yellow sun.
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    Very..... His shooting hasn't improved like it needs to.
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    Otto Porter looks like Lionel Ritchies love child lol
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    When did the Bulls hire Alfred Hitchcock as head coach?
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    Magic deserved to lose tonight, they were awful on their free throws, that game 5 winning streak was fun while it lasted
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    The night an empire came crashing down. Join us as we examine why the greatest athlete ever, started his own shoe company. How this all time Knickerbocker and two time Superbowl winning TE for the Giants went from prodigy to Mogul. Join us tonight for the ultimate team-up in sports. How Zion and Bezos came together to form a new dynasty and end an empire! A 30 for 30!
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    Bulls had the same amount of time off. Stop with the rust talk.
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    Should have never believed in this team again. Some old trash. Gtfo DJ.