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    “Vuc has shown interest with Boston. It appears to be a mutual thing.” Pass it on so it makes the news circuits.
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    This. Also, sometimes there's simply no ground to recover, as losing one player create a change of style that benefit other players and other aspects of the game (in our case: defense, ball movement, etc) Just ask the Raptors, their current cycle has actually started in the moment they traded Rudy Gay (another empty stats player at that time). They thought: "maybe we're going to bottom out one year", but they were actually better after the loss.
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    Nikola “Iron Pyrites” Vucevic (Fool’s Gold)
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    I truly believe that the deal will be structured so that Vuc will be movable if Bamba shows a vast improvement - makes more sense for Bamba to prove his worth before letting loose of Vuc!
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    Vuc had 2 really good years, both of his contract years. I hope our management is smart enough to realize that too. Bamba is the future and I'd rather take a step or 2 back while he develps than get saddled with an untradeable contract for Vuc again.
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    You missed when I said "I dont buy it but posting just for discussion". How am i falling for it? Especially since we just had a discussion about the likely moves earlier this morning. C'mon man.
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    I think we're hoping some team offers him a big contract so we can say "oh no! They paid him more than we wanted to pay him! Darn!"
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    I love Vuc's offensive game but I will never get the image of him standing still with his arms straight out to the side while a guard goes around him for a layup... and all the layup drills against him we've seen over the years. Teams were game planning to go at Vuc for the win in crunch time.
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    Damn, get well, man. Hope you recover 100%.
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    I'll worried about Bamba. Since his injury was with his leg, I assume most of his weight gain is upper body. That's even more weight for his legs to support, so I really fear more injury for him. What do you all think? Are my fears unfounded?
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    I'm going to start putting sources say in front of all my tweets and posts on here because I've said the same thing before but don't get insider credit.
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    Nyce you gotta stop falling for Kyler's made up fairytales. It's a bad look
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    Eeehhhh replacing solid scoring inefficient offense can be replaced just by dropping the inefficiency. I know everyone has become pretty comfortable with Vuch but we have to stop being so scared to let him go. Shiny trash is still trash.