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    That was by design. It's a play call.
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    I don’t know about that. I agree that we need a point guard badly, but it’s a nice option to play through him in certain situations at the right price. Denver does a nice job of it. He may be too pricy so we will have to see. We have a lot of comfort knowing that we can drop the ball in the post and get a basket; other then TRoss know one can create like that.
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    Lonzo is what we thought Payton was going to be. Streaky shot. Great passer. Great defender.
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    Haha read my post I literally just said that lol great minds think a like and all that JAZZ haha
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    I feel like the last two games would have been lost by the Magic teams of the last few years. I’m proud of the grit of this team, even if they’re flawed. Well done
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    Don't think we're good enough to start counting wins
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    We swept Mexico city even though they were "HOME GAMES"..in which the crowd was 75% against us. LOL ***** you NBA.
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    We scored 8 more points in the 4th then we did in the first half of the game.... That's called guts....
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    His first TO of the night..... He's our leading scorer.... Cut the kid some slack for a change.
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    Anyone talking about trading TRoss should be shot.... We should be re-signing him. Plain and simple.